[All Platforms][Playlists] Activate private session permanently for certain playlists

I am listening at work to a maximum concentration playlist, which really helps me concentrate on my work without being distracted by my environment.


However, this playlist does not reflect my personal music taste, I am ONLY listening to it at work. Therefore I would prefer to somehow mark this playlist as private, which means that whenever I start playing this playlist, it should not be part of my listening history, nor should Spotify's recommendation algorithms take these songs into consideration.

Updated on 2021-03-23

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This sounds like a really good idea. Sometimes when I feel sad I listen to really sad music. I would like to leave the depressing songs to when I'm depressed and I would definitely prefer it to not appear in my "your top songs 2020" nor to get recommendations for other sad songs. 


I wouldn't call this feature "Private". Maybe something like "Hide".


Great feature request, I was just about to make a simliar suggestion.

There are all kind of reasons and situations when you do not want your music history or preferences to be updated based on what you currently play. I think this is a kin to browser modes like Incognito or InPrivate. I would suggest calling the feature something similar to make it easy to discover and learn.

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As someone who plays in the pit for community theater productions - this would be super useful. My suggestions are now flooded with Mamma Mia related songs after practicing with it for a month 😞

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I need this so badly, my discover weekly is now just rain 😞

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Seriously! This needs to happen.


This implementation would make a HUGE difference to potential of Spotify for musical connoisseurs like myself.


Please, PLEASE implement this Spotify ❤️ 


So many suggestions over the years aimed at the same problem, but because the suggested solution is different, the vote is split, and no one gets over 100 votes. That's really too bad.


I want so much to be able to enjoy all the Spotify curated playlists (Daily Drive, top songs of..., On repeat, etc.) but all of them are literally just copies of my sleep time playlist (i.e. my most played, LEAST listened to or cared about). What an amazing feature it would be to be able to communicate to Spotify "don't let this one playlist dominate your entire impression of my music taste." Seriously there are more reasons than "this is my absolute favorite song ever" to play a song. Assuming one song played is one song liked, and one song played a thousand times is one song that should never stop being played is incredibly naive.


Most of all I'm curious what new music Spotify might have helped me discover over the years if it actually understood my tastes, instead of just what helps me fall asleep at night (and assumed falling asleep at night is all I ever do).


I am aware there is already the ability to turn on private session buried in the settings, but I forget to turn on the sleep timer enough (also buried in the settings) that it's just not actually a solution in my case. Set it and forget it, that's my motto (because it will be forgotten regardless). Love a program that lets the user automate their custom experience.


Spotify, it would make sense to split this into two separate playlist settings: 1) the ability to toggle a playlist private, and 2) the ability to prevent a playlist from influencing my suggested songs.


For example, I have a bedtime playlist that I play every night. I do not want it to be private, because I have multiple friends who follow it. However, I want an option to tell Spotify to not use the playlist in its recommendation algorithms. I have not added additional bedtime songs for years, and I will not add any additional bedtime songs going forwards, so my Spotify recommendations have been useless for years.


Question https://community.spotify.com/t5/Content-Questions/Stop-specific-playlist-from-influencing-discover-... has a lot of similar sentiments.


This is a great idea. I have a playlist that I play every night to help get my son to sleep.

Now my discover playlist is all lullabies and children songs.

This feature should have been in for day one I think


I really need this feature as well. I stopped listening to rain playlists for sleep because all my lists became cluttered with it. I also listen to a lot of concentration music as well for work, but it's not something I actually want suggested to me. There are only maybe 20 songs on my top 100 list that are songs that I actually enjoy which is sad, because I really like this feature and wish I could share it with friends. The same goes for my other Spotify curated playlists. It's too hard as is to remember to set your listening session to private. Also, the private session does not work when you are connecting to Google Home or a similar type speaker.