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Currently, when you add a new song to your playlist, it's automatically added to the bottom of your playlist if it's custom ordered. I have a playlist with over 400 songs that I moved from youtube by using a third party tool. Now when I add a new song I have to move it from the bottom to the top manually, which takes a while, because I have to go thru all 400 songs. I know about the sorting by date added, but when I do it, the songs that I ported are reversed, because the porting tool imported them from the first one to the last.

In youtube there is an option called "Add new videos to top of playlist" which you can turn on and off and if you could add the same thing it would be great. 
As a developer, I see this as not so hard to implement and it would really help me and a lot of other people for sure. It was suggested a while ago, but the idea was closed and probably forgotten.

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Casual Listener

Intresting idea. How about option in PL to divide them inside list of song, by albums/library or genre? It would me magnificent to have such thing. 

Casual Listener

There's an option if you go to the settings for each playlist to sort by "recently added". It will fill your playlist from top to bottom. 

Casual Listener

Yea, i know thanks, but it's not the case 🙂 

Casual Listener

I've explained why this isn't working, please read the whole suggestion before commenting 🙂


Absolutely need this, I've just converted from YT Music an I need my custom ordering but want to add new songs to the top of the playlist

Music Fan

YESS, this! Would be amazeballz


This needs to be added please. Youtube has had this for years and it's such a basic thing to add, we've been making posts for it year after year. Making us beg for something so simple is a bit mean. All we want to do is be able to apply filters and custom order songs at the same time or even simpler, just add new songs to the top.


I have been thinking this a lot recently and I am happy that I am not alone. I was thinking that there could be button to choose "add song top or bottom" and a box "remember my choose and never ask again" everytime you add new song to playlist. 


Dear community!  I think that it will be more comfortable to add in the top of playlist new songs. The possibility to select type (top or down) of adding new tracks can makes Spotufy - environment more usable! 

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