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I love hanging on to playlists (especially from high school or college) but I really hate the clutter when trying to find what I want to listen to. I think there should be a way to archive playlists that you don't want to delete but that you don't want in your main feed. 

Updated on 2022-01-19

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Yes I love this idea!


Love this idea! I currently have approximately 40 playlists, but only use around 5 regularly - but I can’t bring myself to deleting the others. Archiving would be a great option. 


I need this yesterday.


I was trying to make a similar suggestion to the community but since it won't let me start my own post on here, I'll just vote for this. I would like Spotify to add folders and an archive to the playlist section, because that way you can keep all your old playlists, even sort them by what meaning they have to you without having the clutter on your home page. Especially when adding new songs to a playlist, it's super annoying having to scroll through all of my 70 playlists just to make sure I'm adding to the right one.


If we have an archive list, we could just click "archives" and restore a list. Why does spotify need 1000 upvotes or whatever the requirement is to consider this idea? There is no downside to it, and it should be ridiculously simple for spotify to give us this basic feature

  • We wouldn't have to delete playlists that took hours to compile just because we only want it once a year
  • Less cluttered folder system
  • We don't have to have a google doc list of songs in a deleted playlist
  • If having an archive option is too crazy for Spotify, consider a folder option so we could make our own archive folder (even windows media has folders)
  • As a hip youth, not only do I like commercials making fun of old people who don't know what Spotify is, but I also feel like it would be so freaking lit if I could archive playlists. Don't wait for Pandora to fix their layout and system, do it first, be the original. I believe in you Spotify. [Back when I was just a peon [free member], I noticed Spotify tried annoyingly hard to appeal to youth in their commercials so I figure this is a good shot lol] 

I want that!

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There should be an option to archive playlists, just like how we can archive boards (that are rarely used or too old, or don't wanna add any more pins to) on Pinterest, or posts and stories on instagram. Having that option will help keep the library more organized. there are many old playlists we have that we wouldn't want to delete but at the same time are making everything messy. Having an archived playlists section will help store all the unused but close to heart playlists, or the playlists we no longer want to add songs to. plus obviously our library will look so much cleaner.


Idea: Be able to archive any playlists you have created. That way it's not in the way of your preferred playlists, however when you have the urge to listen or get a song from your "archived" playlists you can! Just a better way to organise your own created playlists.

I'm the type of person that likes to make a playlist monthly so that I can cycle in and out of my music. I've been doing this for several years now and my library- playlists are quite cluttered. I don't want to delete my old playlists because I want to save those memories and old song favourites but they're all in the way and so cluttered that it's hard to find and go through my library. So adding an archive feature would be the perfect solution to this! I can archive old playlists but still keep them, all the while my library doesn't become cluttered. I would really look forward and enjoy this feature please put it into effect. Thank you!

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