[All Platforms][Playlists] Bring back a way to play entire library!

Thanks to the latest update/downgrade I can not play my entire saved songs library anymore as one giant playlist. 90% of the time I listened to Spotify, I just shuffled my entire songs library and now I would have to go through thousands of songs and add them to the liked songs list.


How is it "streamlining" when you remove obvious core features like the possibility to view your entire library as individual songs? I guess next update will turn this platform into a single play button.. Not going to continue the premium subscribtion since this company keeps making these idiotic changes to things that don't need fixing.

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Pretty much the reason that I use Spotify is to curate a library of music and play it. I don't care about their suggestions or top picks. I just want a music library. They seem determined to break the "Library" functionality.


This has really **bleep** me off, which is not language I usually use. I'm upset enough to use stronger language, but I'll edit myself. I used the song list in my library every day to locate songs by an artist when I couldn't remember the album. I used it to carefully sort through the songs I wanted from my favorite artists. Even my favorite artists have lots of songs I don't like and I want to be able to save the songs I like without having to save the whole album. I also liked being able to shuffle my entire song list. Now, the liked songs list is a joke because those are not songs I intentionally liked and it's not the entire song list I had previously saved. I don't know where the heck Spotify got that list from, but it's nowhere near what I actually want. Instead of being able to save certain songs from albums, it saves the entire album. I was mad when the app became limited to just playlists, artists, and albums, but at least I still had full access to the Spotify I enjoyed on my laptop. Now I'm just frustrated beyond belief! Why mess with a good thing?! There was absolutely nothing wrong with the way it was! I don't see what Spotify thought they were improving by taking away options.


Ok, it's really funny to me that Spotify edited out a non-explicit word.


Came here to say this exactly. There's now no way to get to my saved music, apart from by album which is frustrating.

Ideally, 'songs' would appear as an option next to 'artists' and 'album'. I feel like I've lost half my music with the removal of this ability 

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