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 Hey there! My name is Hasret and I'm from Turkey. 
   A lot of people -including me- LOVE creating new playlists on Spotify and lots of them do it by specific genres or etc. When we wanted to add a song to our favorite playlists, we cannot be sure if we used it before in another playlist or not. I know it seems like an unnecessary problem but it bothers a lot. 
   So I think about something. When we click the three dot right above the song screen, there should be an option like "See The Playlists Which The Song Has Been Used/Put"[I'm not good at finding catchy names :)] which shows us where did we put the song or did we put it in any playlists. 
    This can make the app more useful and adding new things easier I think!

Updated on 2020-11-14

Hey there folks,


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Updated on 2020-05-08

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Casual Listener

Interesting how this idea was already mentioned in 2012. Then 5 years later in 2017, they say "We considered it, but we won't implement this function". And then in 2020 they update again and say this idea was reposted here. I posted basically the same idea and the case was closed because of Duplicates. The post from 2012 had 3,8k upvotes so there defenitely are people, who would like this feature. But how many have to be there for the company to consider it? I have no idea how complicated this option would be, but I REALLY would like to be able to right click "show song in playlist" as it is implemented in iTunes. I used iTunes for 7 years now and I love it, but I thought it was time to swap. This option is defenitely missing in the Playlist system of Spotify. Would make it a whole lot easier to manage Playlists.

Casual Listener

Absolutely agree with miracufelix, you guys should take into consider the amount of likes/votes the original request had.
This feature would improve the usability and engagement. Mention this one in the next product meeting Spotify. 🙏

Gig Goer

This seems like such an essential feature if Spotify wants users to migrate their entire music listening experience onto their platform.  
OP provided a great graphical suggestion for how it could be implemented back in 2012 too.



Anybody know how we can get Spotify to add the 3800+ votes from that "idea" added to this identical  "idea" ?

I also think that Spotify shouldn't necessarily limit good ideas they implement to ones with enough votes. Unfortunately with the modern tiny average attention span very few users are going to bother to vote in a platform like this - that does not mean they wouldn't appreciate the particular idea.  I don't think Spotify should embrace the lowest common denominator so much if it truly wants to become the go-to platform for humanity's music collections. 

Casual Listener

Maybe we can comment in the original idea if they allow us to reopen it and everybody from that thread would receive an email. Then they can see the idea did not die and vote on the new one. As spotify for some reason only take into account the new thread u.u

Casual Listener

Spotify never listens to us paying customers. We've been trying to get them to fix bugs, uncripple features they sabotaged and/or removed, and add just the most basic stuff a music app is supposed to have. It's been YEARS, and all they do is to auto-reply with their mindless, faceless chatbots.


"Oh, a great idea, we are adding this to our new ideas list". "Your idea didn't receive enough likes, so we're throwing it to trash". "It is supposed to be that way" - No it isn't! You really have to be cold blooded lizards to be able to ignore thousands of people for that many years!


Spotify, hear this! And also fix the "play all search results" feature that used to work just fine until it was removed several years ago! And add the fade-in/fade-out play pause feature. And the earphone triple click for previous song feature. We are paying customers, stop mocking us with your moronic auto-reply comments from your !diot robot puppets.


This idea is NOT new. Please consider the original idea from 2012 (...!) that was closed by your product managers, although it had 3,800+ votes.

This is shambolic product management, Spotify. You're making it really hard for me to stick to your premium plan, I'm moving back to Apple Music.

Casual Listener

I've started to try to sort out all of my playlists and I've realized there's no other way but to unmark the songs from 'Liked Songs' as an indicator to keep track of what I've added to other playlists.

I can't believe I have to do this...

Please, developers and managers, product owners. Explain how do you keep track of your own playlist's existing songs. Since you don't seem to be annoyed by this.

Community, post what ever, to keep this thread alive and maybe that way other people realize how important this feature is.

Casual Listener

Absolutely useful function .. Just like iTunes has the "Show in playlist" please add it !!!!


Spotify, please start hiring designers and developers that love music and are using Spotify, so that such a useful and basic feature can be added in the '20s !

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