[All Platforms][Playlists] See in which of my personal playlists a song or other content is in

I'd like to be able to see, at a quick glance, which of my user-created playlists a certain piece of content is in (song, or otherwise).


This could be limited to only playlists I create and maintain, or it would also be great to include shared playlists if possible in the future.


An example use case: I keep a lot of playlists updated - by genre, by danceability, by sing-along-ability, and I'd like to check whether I've filed a song into one or more genres before filing it into a similar genre instead (I'd like it to usually be in one genre playlist instead of across multiple).


Right now this is not possible to do except by trial and error. With a huge number of playlists I curate, this is next to impossible for me.


I see that there was a previous idea with this content closed back in 2017. It was a top issue then, and I am confident it is still a top issue now. Please work to implement this and make thousands of us happy (and probably many more, who aren't vocal on this community). What can we do to convince you this is worth pursuing?

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Hey there,


Thanks for sharing your idea here in the Community!


Keep in mind that this has already been suggested here:


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