[All Platforms][Podcasts] Include All JRE Episodes and Don't Influence the Content of the Show

I and many others have been very dissatisfied to see that certain episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience have been excluded from Spotify presumably because of their controversial nature. Fans of the show do not want to see it being influenced by Spotify. Exclusion of these episodes demonstrates content influence and implies that, at the very least, future shows with the same guests and/or covering the same topics as those removed will not be available on Spotify. The mass appeal of JRE and the subscriptions of those intended to be brought to Spotify by the acquisition of JRE will be lost if the excluded episodes are not added to the catalog and future shows are uninfluenced by Spotify. Spotify has a chance to take their subscriber base to the next level that is being squandered. I will be cancelling my subscription and will encourage others to do the same, and as you're surely aware from the current social media backlash, many others are doing the same. I intend to reinstate my subscription if Spotify meets the requests of their subscribers. I hope my idea is helpful.

Updated on 2020-10-09

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I fully support this message. I am willing to cancel my membership if it turns out JRE is getting compromised in anyway. JRE is TOO important to me to be silent on this.


I totally agree with this. I just hope Joe didn't agree or know that this would/could happen. 


I am strongly considering cancelling Spotify as a result of this decision as well.

Casual Listener

Same here. Really upset and yet not surprised.


I also find this extremely concerning. It’s not just who was cancelled/not included in this specific instance but the fact that Spotify cuts old episodes at all implies that future conversations will be censored or stopped altogether. If Joe Rogan hadn’t been willing or able to have a reasonable, decent conversation with certain guests who were attacked publicly, we may have forever thought that good people such as Jordan Peterson and Brett Weinstein were as terrible as certain media sources claimed and furthermore, their careers and lives could have been ruined. They have since been vindicated and have been hugely impactful for me personally, for instance. While Spotify is not a government but rather a company so it can technically do what it wants, the message it is communicating by this action is that if your opinion doesn’t align with Spotify’s, it doesn’t deserve to be heard. Who’s to say where these limitations end? Perhaps at first it’s the most controversial guests but slowly more mainstream people against the grain of the Spotify consensus are cut too? One of the main reasons many of Joe Rogan’s listeners are so passionate about his platform in the first place is that he is open-minded and people can educate themselves from just listening. Spotify, do the right thing here - not only is this how you prevent further echo chambers, one-sidedness and other division, it will be better for your bottom line as it’s why people listen to him.


We will be cancelling our family subscription and several of our friends will be doing the same.

The concept that Spotify believe that they should choose what information we are exposed to is steeped in corporate arrogance, and nanny-state pettiness. The idea that we are not able to discard information that we do not resonate with as individuals is all you need to know about their intent here.

The very premise of JRE has been open and free conversation from a wide range of guests. Left wing, right wing, internationals with no skin in the game, controversial figures, politicians. Bowing down to cancel culture, political pressure or anything in between is spineless and the seeds that this action has planted through viral dissemination will cost them not only in integrity, but also in the back pocket.


Never forget that they are "cancelling" these guests whilst also allowing Rogan to openly promote illegal psychedelics - specifically ones on the absolute extreme end of the spectrum. Just imagine the every-day Spotify users or children using the platform that tune in, see Rogan smoking weed, drinking whiskey until smashed and encouraging DMT, LSD and Mushroom use. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Good one Spotify. Your arrogance has been spread far and wide across the internet and it will cost you in both new subscriptions and current ones.

We will not be back.


Came here to make this comment and support this same issue. Support ALL of Joe's guests, especially the ones you (Spotify staff) disagree with.


I will 100% be canceling my subscription and advising my family and friends to find another streaming service if they do not bring back ALL of the episodes in a timely manner.



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Funny, I may cancel my subscription because Joe Rogan is spreading lies and disinformation about the fires in Oregon. If the third-party apps that let you transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music actually work, then I'm gone.

Casual Listener

You are a platform. You are not a publisher. But you're acting like a publisher by curating Rogan's content. I hope the legal protections under section 230 are removed by Congress. If anybody reading this is not familiar with section 230 and the question on the table, I encourage you to look it up. Contact your representatives to support removing the legal protections afforded to companies like Spotify who claim they only host content but whose actions, like de-platforming people and censorship, suggest they are not being honest about what they are.


You're also being hypocrites by censoring Rogan. In the vast catalog of music you have licensed there are far nastier, "inappropriate" things being spoken by some artists than anything Rogan or any of his guests have stated. You stick an "explicit" warning label on those songs (which is fine) and go on about your day. So if you feel Rogan or his guests are inappropriate, why not slap the explicit label on it and go on about your day? This is what you SHOULD be doing.


Alex Jones is a nutjob. Maybe there are a few people here and there that doubt that, but most of us think he is. That doesn't mean you should be taking away his voice. And you should not be censoring Rogan's for allowing Jones the ability to speak those crazy ideas.


I'm pretty sure most of us agree that one race is not superior to any other. Still, those that hold the idea that some are inferior have a right to express it despite being wrong. That is what defines free speech. Your right to express what ideas you believe are right also requires the function of another being able to express something you consider wrong. It is two sides of the same coin and one cannot exist without the other. You should be concerned for this because someday somebody in power might decide your opinion is the wrong one. And then what will you do? Should they be allowed, then, to take away Spotify's voice? The voices of your employees? Because that is currently your approach.


Stop fearing words. Stop fearing those whose ideas do not agree with yours. It is EQUALLY IMPORTANT that bad ideas are exposed and held to the light of criticism, just as it is important that good ideas be expressed. Even good ideas need to be criticized because they can go too far and become BAD ideas. Like censoring people you disagree with. Whatever your ideas are concerning what is right or wrong...well...if they are good and right then you have nothing to fear. If they are truly good and sound ideas they will stand up to any scrutiny and you will win people over. But if you're paying any attention at all to the backlash from this garbage tier move of censoring Rogan, then you realize the cancel culture you're participating in is going to bite you in the backside. As it should.


You can suppress speech but you can never suppress an idea. The harder you try the more it will proliferate. Even bad ones.


I'll be cancelling my subscription if Spotify continues virtue policing.

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