[All Platforms] Remember Position in Playlist / Album

Please remember the current song playing in a playlist so if I switch away to a different playlist and then switch back, Spotify will know where I left off.


I often can't finish a playlist right away or my mood changes so I might switch to a different playlist. Later, I want to finish the previous playlist, not start over again.



Updated on 2020-01-10

Hi folks.

We appreciate your feedback and your votes. However, this idea has been Not Right Now for over two years so we'll have to close it.

We will keep an eye out and if things change we'll come back and provide an update.


Please vote.  This is the absolute worst of Spotify’s shortcomings.


This is a great idea. Must be also added for Android.


I have Android Auto in my car and I have a dedicated playlist for trip.


The playlist is sorted by myself according to music style and transition. Random playing is not possible otherwise music can switch between Hardstyle banger to Symphony....


This option will avoid to hear anytime the same music when starting the playlist (like Spotify playlists which are not starting from the same music), or to scroll to the "Last music you think you heard last time". Which is definitely more safe while driving.

It will also avoid to have such studies: https://newatlas.com/automotive/apple-carplay-android-auto-car-infotainment-worse-than-texting/ which could bring to Government decision which could impact Spotify usage in car...


Casual Listener

This is a great idea. Must be also added for the Spotify desktop app.

Gig Goer

This should also work with albums, not just playlists.


**bleep** yes!!!!!

Casual Listener

Spotify for Desktop has this feature. When you press 'Play' (it only shuffles when shuffle is enabled, which is good I guess), it changes to 'Pause'. If this feature did happen to be implemented to all platforms, I would like an option to toggle it, as I like pressing shuffle multiple times on mobile until a song I like comes on.

Casual Listener

I find it tedious sometimes when I’m looking for a song In a playlist and i can’t slide into queue when it pops up from the search in the playlist. I have to click on it and go thru all of that just to put into queue. Maybe adding the sliding into queue from the search directly


I support this idea and would suggest to extend it to albums as well. Often enough, when listening to an audio book or comedy album, one doesn‘t have the time to listen to it completely... and might want to listen to other music before continuing later on. It would be great to be able to automatically continue on the right spot later.

Casual Listener

Not being able to resume playlists & albums where you left off is the most annoying thing with Spotify.


Fix it & you'll make hundreds of thousands of users happy 🙂


Very disturbing and disappointing this is still an issue and will not be solved.
I am listening to large playlists (in a random order) and it would be very great to continue the playlist where I left it last time.  

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