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[All Platforms] Remember Position in Playlist / Album

Status: Case Closed

Please remember the current song playing in a playlist so if I switch away to a different playlist and then switch back, Spotify will know where I left off.


I often can't finish a playlist right away or my mood changes so I might switch to a different playlist. Later, I want to finish the previous playlist, not start over again.



Updated on 2020-01-10

Hi folks.

We appreciate your feedback and your votes. However, this idea has been Not Right Now for over two years so we'll have to close it.

We will keep an eye out and if things change we'll come back and provide an update.


Recent commenters should go check out THE NEW THREAD about this which is live and trying to gain traction. It's in desperate need of likes to reach the "500 likes in 6 months" threshold needed for the community mods to actually bring the suggestion to developers (deadline Dec 13, 2022). Please also share the new thread on your social media! 


I'd literally switch to any other platform if they offered this. Do they by the way? Please let me know if so since requesting this simple feature for years hasn't worked so far... My phone is full of screenshots to help me remember where I left off and it's annoying.

I agree... I am not on Twitter or Facebook but I would suggest someone post
our disgust with this feature and Spotify's lack of interest in providing
this to one of those platforms. Spotify does not read their own mailers but
I suspect calling them out on one of those platforms would get their


Very frustrating - I listen to long form audio over a period of time, and its pretty frustrating that if I skip away from the track at any point, I need to re-start and re-figure out exactly where I was. As someone who is currently debating whether or not I should pay for premium, this feature would make that choice VERY easy. Spotify is very close to being a great medium for podcasts and audiobooks (including audiobooks I have on my computer and have brought into Spotify). This would tip the scale into it being the best service out there.


This is my biggest problem with Spotify and the additional use of Spotify for podcasts makes it even worse.