[All Platforms] Saving albums should saved all songs to Liked Songs

Before the last big update, when you clicked 'save' on an album, it would save all the songs in that album to your 'songs' library. Now it doesn't. I like to listen to all my songs on shuffle so it's annoying that I now have to save them all manually. Change it back please! It's also VERY ANNOYING that I can't submit this directly to Spotify. Having to post feedback to a community forum just feels like they're deliberately trying not to listen to their customers?! I work in the democratic sector and behaviour like this (obfuscating and confusing) is exactly what we tell our clients NOT to do. Sort it out! /rant

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Please go back to the old way of saving albums! I miss when it added all the songs to my Liked Songs list. No point in saving an album anymore and it's so tedious having to save them all manually. Honestly the big update from the summer is god awful. The album and artist functionality should not have been touched. 


I whole heartedly agree. We no longer have a way to Shuffle all of our music after the big library interface UX update last year. I'm still recovering from the utter obliteration of my library's organization from that changeover. I'm still incredibly upset by it, and I think the new library organization/browsing navigation is a complete disaster, especially to anyone who previously had a well manicured library. Artists, Albums, and Songs no longer correlate with each other. To add insult to injury, the albums that we've already liked don't/didn't automatically add the individual songs from the album to the "liked songs" section of the library. You currently have to individually add each song from the entire album you've already liked to have them appear in "liked songs." For me that would be over 10,000 individual song likes that I'd have to get through. What a joke! No on has time for that. Which brings me to my main issue: since the core of my library that remained intact seems to only be browsable in "Albums," and isnt represented in 'liked songs' THERE IS NO WAY TO SHUFFLE MY ENTIRE LIBRARY. I repeat, as far as I can see there is NOT AN OPTION TO SHUFFLE ALL ALBUMS (or in other words: shuffle all songs from your saved albums). Give us something, Spotify. Either make an easy way to add all of the songs from a saved album to 'Liked Songs', or give us a way to shuffle all of our music from 'Albums' or any of the library categories for that matter, not just "liked songs."


The UX designers, product teams, and developers at Spotify all make the absolute worst decisions. All of the updates over the past couple of years have made the product almost unusable for me. It's incredibly frustrating when it feels like they're actively working to remove all of the features I find the most useful. 


I WISH I would just switch to Apple Music, cus the changes the so called "SPOTIFY STAFF" are making are so counter intuitive and stupid that I cant believe anyone are actually dumb enough to come up with ideas that fukc up an already existing and working UI. 

Why are you only changing things that NO ONE asked for in the first place??? Who are you trying to satisfy? You have thousands of complaints from people (aka paying customers) who try to get small changes through that are actually annoying them and lots of other people. I know this forum is just made for the illusion that the "staff" would actually care about changing anything based on these complaints, but holy sht it's hard to watch.

Also you have a ton of simple fixes that could be implemented and would make life much more satisfying for your users, like a function that asks if you really want to remove a song that you already saved, which can be removed by mistake by pressing the HEART that you placed right next to the play button. Haha omfg why do I still pay for this shtty app 

Casual Listener

Myself and many other users find it absurd that liked albums aren't immediately added to the 'Liked Songs' playlist. Clearly if I've liked the entire album I like all the songs on that album. Here is what makes this problem even worse: until the recent update, all my liked albums were added into 'Liked Songs' but now I have added many albums since, none of which appear in 'Liked Songs'. It has been suggested that our "solution" should be to go to each saved album, hit the three dot menu, and click 'Like All Songs.' The problem with this is that that option is only available in the Mobile app whereas I use the desktop version! Even if I had that option it would take hours to go to every saved album and like all the songs and would take even longer that I do not have that option! This is a terrible feature and should be reconsidered.


This is not a new idea, ya dinguses. This is core functionality. I had no idea it's been doing this this whole time. I'm about to cancel my subscription, because I can't imagine Spotify, a once usable app, will ever be improved based on this thread.


I've upvoted this! After saving the albums to my Spotify today only to discover that it's not saved the songs to my Liked Songs list, which I love to play on shuffle, I am a bit deflated.


Either this option or allow shuffle play of the Albums and Artists lists.

Casual Listener

Please don't implement this back into Spotify or make it optional! I want to have my collection like I had it with my MP3 files. Liked songs belong into "Liked Songs" only and liked albums belong into "Albums" only!


May be it is possible to add an additionally automatic playlist in which every song will be added when I like a new album?


Another option would be to introduce a function so that you can shuffle play all the songs in liked albums in your library. That way we would have two ways of listening to liked songs - a narrower subset of liked songs as well as a broader shuffleable album option.

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