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Please can you do a second simpler, less memory-hogging and bandwidth-hogging version of Spotify? i.e., Spotify Lite (I don't have a fast computer and even optimised I have big lag problems with other programs whilst Spotify is running.)

Updated on 2018-06-15


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I could wish for two version of Spotify: Light and Full.

I only want Spotify for ONE thing: Listen to music. I don't got a lot of bandwidth, and i don't give two sh*ts about the facebook-social feed. Neither the "apps" which i hardly never use. So all the extras take up more resources on the computer, and more bandwith of my internet. And space in the player, makes it look like a mess. It also take much longer to start the player, AND are the main cause Spotify crashes for Ubuntu it seems.


Light-version: ONLY musicplayer. Remove facebook-integration, so called "apps" and stuff like that. Music only.

Full: Musicplayer, facebook, apps, and everything else you want to add in the future. 


OR: Make one version where you can choose in preferences what you want to use. If i could close the facebook-stuff, and be sure its not running in the background: I would be happy.


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I totally agree with this!!!


Spotify over the years has become unusable. I personally want to listen the music, I choose what I want to play. But these days thousands of totally useless apps. In main page music that others listen near me, even when I do not care about this at all. Totally useless Locals and Downloads. When I am subscribed to Premium, I do not want to buy any songs... Great start for ability to hide Get buttons, but how I hide Downloads page?


So I really need a Simple Player for Music. Spotify is bloated with options I do not care at all. In Spotify we should have music catalogue, search button, repeat, repeat one, shuffle, starred lists, preferences, playlists. I do not care what others listen in Top Lists. I do not care about Radio. I know, some may want it, I listen music with real shuffle. I just search with a word I like and listen randomly selected albums. :)


So now I need to Share songs, I do not care about sharing at all. I just want to listen my music. Make a better Spotify. At least options to disable those useless functions.


I really miss those old times when Spotify was F**CKING AWESOME. Really simple player... No useless apps... etc. Oh why this is changed to this useless junk.


Oh why...

You are gone. I want you back.

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I'm surprised there aren't any more replies to this yet!


Yes, a spotify lite version would be great. My old netbook is almost dying when I rev up Spotify.

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Heads up!


Spotify needs an 'Lite', paralelle version of it's client equivalent to the one back in '09 without any social features, that were simple and fast to run. The new version is very slow for people who using low-end hardware, and the web player is too slow for some people on older computers. The client should not contain any web-kit implementation, but use the original version of the Spider layout engine, that ran very fast at that time! 




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Agree! Fully skinable desktop client without web-based frame stuff - that would be awesome - oh and fast ofc. ;)

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+1 from me.

Great idea!



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Sounds like the upcoming web version would cover most of this its very lite and perfectly on my netbook running Ubuntu (1Ghz atom cpu).