[All Platforms][Your Library] Bring back Being able to listen to one artist in liked songs

I have recently updated my spotify on my phone and ever since i have been unable to listen to one artist or one album as it plays one song then goes through my whole playlist or liked songs. please can you bring this back as it is important to people who have thousands of songs!


Same Here. Always been a feature I thoroughly enjoyed.

Status changed to: Case Closed

Hey @Dhowe369,

Thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange!

On mobile you can sort any playlist, including Liked Songs, by dragging the screen down until the Filter tab appears at the top of the screen (see attached GIF below).

You can filter the playlist by searching for a specific artist, and then once you start playing the list of songs from the artist, it will play only the songs from the search query.

Hope that clears things up! If you'd like to clarify the above idea, make sure to create a new one and include those clarifications.

Thanks! Take care 🙂