[All Platforms][Your Library] Play all songs in Your Library

How about a general "Main" Shuffle Button that covers everything you hear on your account?  A button based on all playlists, all the artists you follow, and all the songs from the library.  If, as is so often the case, you can't decide what you should hear, you can be inspired by this Shuffle Button.

Updated on 2021-05-20

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Hey, Bloo_Ink


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Be able to play all the songs in the library in random mode. I can't understand why you have removed it. We will have to go or return, in my case, to apple music. 

I have about 900 albums and I like to listen to the songs randomly. Now you force them to go album by album, song by song. We will have to go back to Apple Music or listen to physical discs or downloaded music again. I cannot understand how you have removed something so simple and elementary.


Bring back the ‘all’ songs playback. I have an iPhone 13 but often use my old iPod Touch to play music because the old version of Spotify is on it and it allows me to shuffle-play my ‘entire’ library of songs. Please bring back this feature. Please please please.


Whenever your not sure what you want to listen to we should be able to hit a “play anything” button. Just like Netflix’s “shuffle play” button. It would play any song from any play list that you have made. 


I hate Spotify for removing the folder play/shuffle option from mobile devices. The only reason they still have me as a customer is that they are the only streaming service that offers cross fading. 


Spotify keeps on failing and just don't listen to us...

Are they that incompetent?? Such a minor 'update' not beeing fixt for so long....