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How about a general "Main" Shuffle Button that covers everything you hear on your account?  A button based on all playlists, all the artists you follow, and all the songs from the library.  If, as is so often the case, you can't decide what you should hear, you can be inspired by this Shuffle Button.

Updated on 2021-05-20

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Deezer has this thing called "Flow" where you just press a button and it'll play an endless list of songs you'd probably enjoy. Anything from songs already in your library to songs that you probably haven't heard yet. It's fantastic to just "hit play" and see where it takes you when you can't decide on what to listen to.


That's the main feature from Deezer that I really miss on Spotify. Sometimes I just want music, I don't care what it is.

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My recent suggestion was merged into this one. While I agree they are similar suggestions, there are some fundamental differences, and the reasoning behind my suggestion (which brings a lot more purpose to the suggestion) is also lost by merging into this one.


First off, my suggestion explicitly lists only "Liked Songs" and "Albums" as sources for the "Shuffle My Library" button. I imagine I'm not alone in saving Playlists of things for specific scenarios and moods that I absolutely don't want in a typical "Shuffle All" scenario. (Examples include kids' music, background tracks for Dungeons and Dragons, mood music for specific moods/scenarios, etc...). I don't even want all of the tracks from my liked artists in that list since there are definitely whole albums by some of my favorite artists that I don't want to hear (especially things like live recordings).


Another purpose for pulling from just these two lists, and the original motivation behind my suggestion, is becuase of the recent change to how "liked" albums work. Since liking and album doesn't add the individual tracks to the songs list, there needs to be an easier way to play all of the music that I actually want to have in my library.


Now, this also helps address this 10,000 song limit. If I can like an entire album and not have to worry about getting all of those tracks added to my "Liked Songs" list in order to get them into a traditional sense of "my library," then I can keep my "Liked Songs" list shorter.


Another cool option would be to provide a "view" of all of the songs on all liked albums along with all of the songs in the "Liked Songs" list.

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Here's the content of my original suggestion. I think you'll see that it's meant to solve a different problem. I don't care one bit about finding "inspiration." I just like listening to a random mix of only music I like.


Here's the original (from https://community.spotify.com/t5/Closed-Ideas/All-Platforms-Your-Library-Make-a-quot-Shuffle-Library...😞


With all of the anger over the new "Liked Songs" playlist replacing the Songs list in Your Library, combined with the annoying 10k song limit, I think I have a solution:


Make a Shuffle Library button. Or maybe a view called "My whole library" or something.


The idea is that you have the "Liked Songs" list be truly just the individual songs that have been "liked." Things like entire albums or artists go into their repsective lists. This helps keep the number of tracks in the Liked Songs list lower since you can just like an entire album or artist.


The magic comes with the new "Whole Library" view or "Shuffle Library" button (or better, both!). The Shuffle Library button would take all tracks from all lists (liked songs, albums, and artists) and put them into the queue all shuffled up where the "Whole Library" view would just list all of the tracks in all of the lists.

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Why do we need a certain amount of votes for an obviously sensible idea?  Surely Spotify has a more creative team than what is being projected here.


I'd like to strongly echo smashedapple's idea of shuffling everything in Your Library, not including playlists. 

This is a really fundamental feature of many people's listening experience and I have no idea why it has been removed!


Agree.  Where is the "Shuffle all songs" button?

...or a list of all songs, period. All "liked songs" is not the same. 


spotify use to shuffle like this. ever since they changed the UI its no longer feasible to shuffle the entire library.  I use spotify less and less now.  its aggravating.  Its one reason I chose it over Pandora, or even listening to my own purchased library of songs. 


I am about to give up on the idea that it will come back and just cancel my subscription.  It was the main way I used Spotify.  I rarely ever listen to one album or artist. Plus it was a great way to discover new music. 


I just want the function back rather than canceling. 

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I need this option

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Bring back the Shuffle for all saved albums tracks, with this stupid 2019 loved tracks update it's not possible anymore to shuffle all tracks from saved albums... How dumb is that? Really basic functionality available on every music player.