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How about a general "Main" Shuffle Button that covers everything you hear on your account?  A button based on all playlists, all the artists you follow, and all the songs from the library.  If, as is so often the case, you can't decide what you should hear, you can be inspired by this Shuffle Button.

Updated on 2021-05-20

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This is such a critical feature that they took away and I hate it so much since it's been missing. The idea that you need to add every single song/album you've liked to a playlist in order to listen to them all on shuffle is ridiculous.



I created an android app to shuffle songs in a Spotify playlist.

You can try it out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.virock.shuffleplaylists_spotify

It's free


YES! Came here for that. Would love for this to happen! Seems weird to me that this isn't a thing. I am relatively new to Spotify and this is a huge downside. I am surprised to read it was an option before and now it's not. 


I have used few other music streaming platforms like Apple music, Amazon music & Jiosaavn. All 3  of them have the option of shuffling all songs in my library (which includes several playlists) . It is really refreshing to shuffle all songs and play. Unfortunately Spotify is lacking this simple feature. In spotify i can only shuffle within one Playlist at a time. That is a bit boring.

It would be really good if SPOTIFY managers can bring the option to view all songs and shuffle all songs in one's library. Thanks! Someone please hear.... 

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"We marked this as a new idea!"  Seriously, if this is a new idea to you, then it's time for a R&D personnel department overhaul.  There is obviously some profit motive standing in the way of doing this, such as not wanting to invest in more talented programmers or personnel in order to execute this idea and others.


Yes please. I have my own Playlists, and i would love to play them one Playlist at a time sometimes, and at other times would love to have the option to shuffle all the playlists (entire library). R & D of Spotify - kindly look into this. Its a feature already found in other streaming platforms. Spotify being a front runner, should be having this feature. 

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This feature is sorely lacking


I just switched to Spotify with the hopes of dropping both Slacker (needed for the Tesla) and Amazon Music (for the house) and...TuneIn to save money and simplify my music.  Never in a million years would I have imagined that there would not be a simple shuffle-all option.  I feel like I just dropped in on the 90"s and Napster.


Actually, this is exactly why I have been slow to move solely to streaming.  "Little" things like this are what make a good product nothing more than an also-ran, which seems to be case with all the major players as none of them are very good, but all seem to have good parts.


Terribly unfortunate, IMHO.


EDIT: thank god they marked this as a new idea they are looking into over a year ago.


seeing as my suggestion was closed because it had "more than one suggestion" on it im posting this in as many related open topics as possible.. absolutely ridiculous 


The current library is terribly fragmented and borderline useless.


Liking an album adds it to albums

Liking a song adds it to Liked Songs


I consider my entire library all of the albums I "add" but i cannot play my entire library on shuffle. 


If you are like me, you add albums with intentions of going back and/or rediscovering while listening to all of your music.  In order to achieve this you would have to "Like" every single song from every single album you add. 


This is frankly asinine that you cannot shuffle all of your library but you have to decide to play your liked songs or other playlists, or play an album. 


PS - Adding an artist should bring you to the albums and songs you have added or "liked" rather than the entire artist page.  If i want to go to the artist page there should be a a separate "to go artist page" from within there.  I might like 3 out of 5 albums from an artist that is now defunct.  There is no no need to go straight to the artist page with tons of useless information, albums i dont want, singles i dont need etc.


Not to mention if if you add an artist, add the songs, add the album.  If you want to remove it you need to unfollow, unlike songs, unlike album.  Shouldnt have to do 3 different things.  Everything is a total mess.


Library > all songs

Library > artists > added music 


not hard.

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Coming from Google PLay Music/Youtueb Music, I figured I must be missing something when there was no "shuffle" option for the entire library. I know Spotify used to have this option---I think with the "Tracks" tab, in whicvh you could just shuffle every song in your library. Why in the world would this be removed? As far as I'm concerned, every section---Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Songs/Tracks (add it back, please) should have a "shuffle all" option. If this can't be added back, I'm going back to Youtube Music. It was one of the best ways to hear things that I may have forgotten about or just reminded me how much I liked.