[All Platforms][Your Library] Refresh button/gesture for Podcasts and Playlists

Please install a refresh button/gesture on your mobile and desktop app that allows us to refresh the content without relaunching the app. It would be useful to check the latest episodes from the podcasts I follow or daily Made For You playlists.

Updated on 2021-06-25


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The mobile app allows for this but for desktop you have to completely quit the app and re-open in order for new episodes to show up. Need a way to synchronize podcasts.

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Updated on 2019-11-06

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Hard to believe this hasn't been added yet. It feels so dumb having to close and re-open the desktop app just to refresh a podcast.


This doesn't just apply to podcasts.

My Spotify app on Ubuntu sometimes doesn't refresh auto-generated playlists such as "Daily Drive".

I'd like to just push a refresh button, which not only should bring the latest content but also gives me the peace of mind that I have done something to activate the updating functionality. (yes it's more of a psychology thing but a very important one in UX)

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Casual Listener

This is a must.  I've got a premium membership with Spotify.  I've been a premium member for perhaps a decade now.  And I can't refresh a list on my PC?  Closing the app is getting harder to do, too.  Waste of time and energy.  There are other streaming services out there, and I'm seriously thinking about checking a few of them out.


Can't understand how this basic feature is not there to begin with. Takes 5 minutes to implement. Just lazy developers.

Lack of this feature is a problem for many podcast listeners.


How on earth is this still a thing in 2020?


This is a pretty significant shortcoming for a company trying to stake it's place as a Podcast platform.  EVERY other app I've used either does this automatically or has a "refresh" option.  This might have been fine a decade+ ago when podcasts were weekly at best, but with daily podcasts and some even more frequent, you need to fix this.  Closing the app to make this happen feels too much like having to reboot Windows daily years ago... not a good look!

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This is not a nice-to-have feature.  The podcasts feature is incomplete without it, should not have shipped without it.