[All Platforms][Your Music] Fixes for current problems with the Play Queue

Spotify has had many updates recently that have made it so much better.

The only real ability that is lacking is the ability to edit the play queue. You can add songs and now entire albums to the play queue, but we still can't remove songs from the queue. If I want to add a whole album to the queue, but don't want one song from that album I have to go through the whole album and add all songs one at time to the queue. 


And once songs have been added to the queue, pressing shuffle should mix the lastest additions throughout the play queue, rather than staying at the under the currently playing song in different colour. 


Also the ability to change the order of songs in the Play Queue would be so helpful, there have been so many times where a song has come up three or four songs down but I want to listen to that one next, without skipping the other songs. I know I could add to queue and it would come up as next song but that isn't really a perfect solution as I don't really want to hear it again in three or four songs. 


Finally, the ability to save the play queue to a playlist would be much appreciated, this would need to include previously played songs, so there might need to be a clear queue feature as well, but this idea isn't as important as the previous three problems.


Other than that the team are doing a really great job at making spotify smooth and pleasing to use, Keep it up, I'm one very satisfied Premium user!

Updated: 2015-06-25

Hello and thanks for the feedback.
Most of your ideas are covered in an idea to make the play queue fully editable here:

Feel free to post separate new idea topics for your other ideas (after searching).

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