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I never expected to have to post this but the new Spotify update has outraged me so much I'm forced to bring my issues up here, in the hope that Spotify will do something about it. 


The new update has done nothing but send the app (both desktop and mobile) backwards and has just become less accessible as it no longer works in the way you expect a music player to do so.


Firstly, no longer being able to view your saved library songs by artists is something that baffles me. I've always got to the music I want to listen to this way and it was a great way to shuffle all saved songs of one particular artist. Now you choose which artists to follow and that only takes you through to the artist page. 


Also now when you save an album to your library you can only access them through the albums section. All the songs within the album aren't added to the song section. Like, seriously. You save the album, but not the very songs that make up the album. Therefore if you want to access the album in both places you have to save it as an album, then save each song individually as well.


Don't fret though as the albums you saved before the update are still in both sections. But, wait... If you want to remove one of those albums from you library, the songs will remain and you are left to remove each one individually. Lovely.


This is all before I've got to the specific issues with the mobile app (for me Android). Another side-effect of the change to artists in your library you can no longer download all the saved music you have under a specific artists. So you have to download each album/song. It's also really hard to navigate to specific albums/songs you have downloaded - so there's that as well. 


Want to filter your library down so you can get to exaclty what you listen to? Well you can't do that any more. 


As much as I've ranted in this I really just want the old Spotify back. I used to use it everyday without fail: in work, at home, on the move. All the artists, albums and songs I love so much all easy to access on the app. I've been more reluctant to use it recently as it's just not accessible any more. It seems it's been angled more for those who create and listen to playlists - which is not everyone. 


For the first time ever I started to look at what other options I have available in terms of accssing and playing music. I really hope I don't have to move elsewhere and that Spotify sort this out soon. 





Thank you for taking the time to write that entire comment. You described nearly every issue I have, saving me the time and energy. Like you I have become extremely frustrated with the latest update. For the longest time I thought, "maybe I'm just not seeing where (on the Android app) I can access the features that were formerly available to me." Now I've realized that Spotify has completely taken then away. Like you, I am mor considering other options, despite having been an avid proponent of Spotify in the past. I hope they scrap this latest idea and go back to what works. 


Ostatnie zmiany są fatalne i nie rozumiem ich. Obecnie nie można odtwarzać samych zapisanych utworów danego artysty lub z danego albumu po wybraniu z poziomu biblioteki. Odtwarzają się wszystkie zapisane i niezapisane. To jest okropne. Domagam się powrotu do poprzedniego stanu. Zapisywanie utworów nic obecnie nie daje.


Hello there at Spotify,


please make smtg like personal playlist available again.

Also please make it possible again to browse the downloaded songs.


As we are on Premium Family it would be a loss of 3 customers if
we cancel the subscription because of this silly update...




Spotify please support us parents by allowing a passcode for turning the explicit button off!!!


This post described my frustation with lastest update (for me iOS). I hope they fix it soon, or I will search other options too.


Having the same exact issue described by you. It's so frustrating...


Yeah you nailed my complaint about not being able to browse by saved artist/album anymore. You know, like every music player and physical record collection ever. Are there any music fans left at Spotify?



Literally the only reason to have Spotify over Tidal was the artist's saved songs option. Now Spotify **bleep** it up.

I can't even imagine how they even figured out this could be a good idea, is the most awful thing they could do, take away what makes them special. I pay for like a lot of accounts for my family and friends without credit card and all of them are complaining to me, they don't want the service anymore. F you spotify, I'll be back to Tidal.

(Sorry for my broken english, I'm from Chile. Chúpame el picl spotify reculialo.)

Casual Listener

I’m feeling the same frustration. Simple but useful things like album length have been removed, with the stupid suggestion that anyone who wants it back make a suggestion to bring it back. It was there, just bring it back! There now seem to be a few more menu clicks to get to certain info such as playing next. Also, now it seems like I can’t download an album and delete a few unloved songs - it wants to play them all in succession regardless of whether I want them or not. I’m sure Spotify is pandering to some favoured demographic in terms of its UI, but it ain’t me! Maybe time to see what the others are up to these days... Shame it’s gone like this. New management team per chance?

Casual Listener

Pretty much all of my complaints, hope spotify hears us, otherwise It'll be more worth it, even with the monstruous amount of music I have, to switch to another platform. It'll be a lot of work to redo my playlists, and ro-organise everything, but I think it's better than to have to make a playlist for each and every artist I have to compensate for some major feature loss.

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