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I never expected to have to post this but the new Spotify update has outraged me so much I'm forced to bring my issues up here, in the hope that Spotify will do something about it. 


The new update has done nothing but send the app (both desktop and mobile) backwards and has just become less accessible as it no longer works in the way you expect a music player to do so.


Firstly, no longer being able to view your saved library songs by artists is something that baffles me. I've always got to the music I want to listen to this way and it was a great way to shuffle all saved songs of one particular artist. Now you choose which artists to follow and that only takes you through to the artist page. 


Also now when you save an album to your library you can only access them through the albums section. All the songs within the album aren't added to the song section. Like, seriously. You save the album, but not the very songs that make up the album. Therefore if you want to access the album in both places you have to save it as an album, then save each song individually as well.


Don't fret though as the albums you saved before the update are still in both sections. But, wait... If you want to remove one of those albums from you library, the songs will remain and you are left to remove each one individually. Lovely.


This is all before I've got to the specific issues with the mobile app (for me Android). Another side-effect of the change to artists in your library you can no longer download all the saved music you have under a specific artists. So you have to download each album/song. It's also really hard to navigate to specific albums/songs you have downloaded - so there's that as well. 


Want to filter your library down so you can get to exaclty what you listen to? Well you can't do that any more. 


As much as I've ranted in this I really just want the old Spotify back. I used to use it everyday without fail: in work, at home, on the move. All the artists, albums and songs I love so much all easy to access on the app. I've been more reluctant to use it recently as it's just not accessible any more. It seems it's been angled more for those who create and listen to playlists - which is not everyone. 


For the first time ever I started to look at what other options I have available in terms of accssing and playing music. I really hope I don't have to move elsewhere and that Spotify sort this out soon. 



Updated on 2019-06-04

Hey there @JoelSleet,


Thanks for your ideas, and I'm sorry to hear that you aren't enjoying the recent updates to Spotify. To help keep the Ideas Exchange organised, Spotify asks that Idea Submission only has one Idea in it. If you're still passionate about these, I encourage you have a look and see if the idea has already been submitted, and if not, submit it yo....


Obviously your update to the site sucks. If you wanted to do this to non paying members it would be one thing, but to do it to people who pay your salaries is another. I have no problem deleting this app and spending my money at a place we’re I can access the music I want easier. At this rate you will be picking the songs for me. I hate to lose  all the songs I’ve saved over the years, but it’s better than struggling to find a certain song I can’t remeber by name. There are a lot of one hit wonders out there and the last thing I need is every song they made.  Change the app back or lose another customer 


I was literally about to make this exact post

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Good post, well written and with clear explanations. You got my vote.

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Spot on mate, I hope whoever okay'd this update gets the sack


Removing the filter option for offline artists has ruined the app for me. I frequently fly and it was so nice to be able to just sort by downloaded and have all my music right there for me. Now I don't even have any indication that it's downloaded until I go find the artist, the album, open it, and confirm it downloaded. Spotify has been headed downhill for a while. Thank you for the final push to move to Amazon Music. I couldn't stand their app over Spotify, but Spotify is making it real easy for me to switch.


Spotify was literally perfect before this update - I would have happily been a lifelong customer at any price point. But with these absurd, self-sabotaging changes that do nothing but reduce the platform's functionality, I can't even use it anymore. I can no longer organize my music, easily find a song I want to hear, listen to my saved songs by a particular artist, or even make my own playlists without sorting through each of my songs indivisually. I took pride in my personalized library on Spotify, and now all that remains is a list of "Liked Songs". What a great shame... I will be starting a new library from scratch on a new platform even if the update reverts. I can't build my music library on a platform that might erase it at any moment. Lesson learned.


I totally agree! Fix it asap, please!


Thank you for posting - I feel the same way! I will hang on for a month or so and if Spotify doesn't go back to the way it was I will be leaving. We have 5 family members on premium. So frustrating!


Thanks for your post on this issue whcih is spot-on. The inability, following the update, to be able to quickly view all artists (not just those I am following) and songs in my library seems to be a fundamental flaw.  If this is not rectified soon I will be cancelling my Spotify subscription and going back to Apple.


For me I can't understand why the button - and ability - to download a single song I'm listening to has been removed. All of my playlists are made online and my saved songs are a selection from across my playlists. Now I'm going to have to make a seperate playlist to put songs to download in and i know thats not like a massive thing but it's just baffling and frustrating why you would remove existing functionality like that ?!?! to force people to download more songs i guess? do you get more money for that or something? you're certainly going to get more resentment