[All Platforms][Your Music] ‘Your Library’ has become too organised and thus, inconvenient

Whenever I download an album, it automatically saves the entire album. But with the update, I have to also manually save every song on the album because by downloading the entire album, it now only goes to the Albums area but not the Liked Songs anymore. This is a problem because sometimes whenever I want to only save a few songs from an album, it only goes to the Liked Songs playlist, not to the Album area like what happens prior to the update. The ‘Recently Played’ is also removed from ‘Your Library’ , adding inconvenience to my listening experience.

For example, I save 2 songs from the same album. Before the update, I could access these 2 songs from both the ‘Your Saved Songs’ and ‘Albums’ section. After the update, I could only access the 2 songs from the ‘Liked Songs’ playlist but not the ‘Albums’ section. Please @__spo__ fix this!!!!

Updated on 2019-07-11


Keep in mind that your idea for the option of removing individual songs has already been suggested here:


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Casual Listener

Very well articulated. I use both of these (saved songs and saved albums) and I agree with OP's frustrations and points.


The way the “new layout” is set up is exactly part of why I even keep Spotify premium: it’s so messy. I genuinely dislike it and agreed with everything you have said. 

Casual Listener

This new interface is an absolute JOKE!!!!


I disagree. Being more of an album listener I prefer to have songs and albums be seperable, and am happy with how it works now.


Many albums have short interludes and things that just can't be listened to outside of the context of the album. So, I might want to save an album for easy access, but to only save a few songs to my song-library, or none at all. On the other hand I might dislike an album, and don't want to save it, but I still like a few tracks that I want to save.


The previous version's only-full-albums toggle in the albums section was somewhat of a boon, but not a complete fix. Additionally, it would also include singles, which was just infuriating.


If you want to save the album and all the songs without tedium, that feature already exists; Ctrl-A, right-click, save-to-library. Ctrl-Click and Shift-Click function as standard as well.


This is a big problem for me too because most of the time I don't have enough storage for the whole album when I only have one song saved from it. You have explained this problem very well and I hope it gets sorted.

Casual Listener

Thanks again for the WONDERFUL UPDATE, Spotify. Everytime you change something it annoys**bleep** out of all of us. I completely agree with this post, and with the fact that REMOVING MY RECENTLY PLAYED FROM MY LIBRARY IS A BAD MOVE. THAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST USEFUL FUNCTIONS OF SPOTIFY. 

Casual Listener

Totally agree! It feels like Spotify is trying to kill the idea of a single library of music. I will leave spotify if they continue this. I want to be able to access the same group of music via Artists, Songs, and Albums. These should be methods of organizing a single library, NOT separate collections. 


This updte is horrible, I saved 10 songs from a super-exclusive-deluxe-eidtion album, now when i go to my albums i'm forced to listen to the whole 4 hours instead of the 10 songs I actually saved. Why!?!?! Who thought this was a good idea!?

My point is that some songs which I only save from a single album can be
previously accessible from both 'Your Saved Songs' & 'Albums'. But now,
they are only accessible to the 'Liked Songs' playlist. Being an album
listener, I am displeased by this new update.

This right here is one of my biggest issues with the update. I don't like saving all songs from an album, only the ones I actually like. However I still want that album to go into my albums section because odds are I only ommitted one or two songs, but noooooo spotify thinks that means I want those songs to go into the "liked songs" playlist. Fyi spotify I don't, and neither does anyone else. Also us having to follow an artist for them to show up properly in our artists tab is absurd, especially if we only have one song saved from them. Or if they're you know dead? Why would you follow someone that's dead they ain't gonna be releasing anything new or posting anything.

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