Allow Playing Only One Song Again

Status: Case Closed

Way back when I first signed up to Spotify it would play JUST the song you double-clicked in a search, or on an artists page, only playing the full album if you were on the album's page.


Then it updated and would play ONE song in a search, but the ENTIRE artist page starting on the song you double-clicked. You could circumvent this by simply going to the album's page and playing the album you wanted to listen to there, but for a single song you were completely screwed.


Now Spotify has gotten absolutely HORRIBLE. If I search for a single song to play and double-click it, it plays that song. Then the next song in the search, then the next, and so on. If there was only one result for the song in searching, it will instead LOOP that song. I have shuffle turned off, and I have looping turned off, I've double and triple-checked this.


This really is the worst thing about Spotify now. When I want to listen to any one song one time through I can't no matter what I do or how I choose to go about it, whether a search or actually trying to listen off the album or artist page. I've looked in the options/preferences and there is NOTHING about this, it's not something I can toggle on my end. It's horrible functionality and borderline broken.


Please, for the love of God, put it back the way it was a year ago when I could search and listen to a single song without it continously playing all the other garbage that came up in the search.

If you only want to hear one song then you can simply "Queue" it. Then it will stop after that song (right-click => Queue). If you want to hear only one song on repeat, click twice on the repeat icon and it will keep playing solely this selected track. 😉

Yes, very known issue. What I can recommend is to make a new playlist with that one song and loop it. Although it do takes some more energy.

Sadly that's not a solution or even really a workaround. It's absolutely abhorrid that Spotify does this and that the only "solution" is to create an entirely new playlist for ONE song just to hear it and nothing else.

Status changed to: Case Closed

If you only want to hear one song then you can simply "Queue" it. Then it will stop after that song (right-click => Queue). If you want to hear only one song on repeat, click twice on the repeat icon and it will keep playing solely this selected track. 😉


That's a bizarre and unintuitive way to do things though. Double-clicking is how every single other program in Windows works, and in Spotify it's incorrect to double-click. It should be the opposite, where clicking it plays that one item, and queueing it starts/creates a playlist. As is it's bass ackwards.


So I've given it a week of trying to right-click and queue and the system is still horribly flawed and broken.


Last night I queued up The Cult's Love album. I didn't finish it, instead closing Spotify in the middle of the album and going to bed. Today I turned on Spotify and queued up a single song I wanted to hear. It didn't change the song I was listening to like double-clicking would, which is alright because the 'queue' feature on any other music player wouldn't have either. However, all it did was put it next in the queue, the rest of the album behind it. The second the song finished the album resumed, not what I wanted to have happen.


"So select the rest of the queue and delete it."


I can't. Any time I right-click one song or a whole group in the queue the 'delete' option is greyed out, and I can do NOTHING to change this. So the other day when I wanted to hear one song that had many results in the search, queueing it did nothing to clear the queue and play only that song. So I double-clicked it in the search, which added every single search result to my queue to play. That was about thirty songs. So I now have thirty songs I didn't want playing after the one song I DID want to play. Going to another song, right-clicking, and hitting 'queue' just shoved it in between the song that was currently paused, and the remaining dozens of songs. And again, I was completely unable to remove them from the queue as the 'delete' option was greyed out.



So I repeat: Spotify worked FAR better prior to this new UI update and the current method of queueing/playing songs is ridiculously counter-intuitive and has more hoops to jump through than any other music player I've used. Please, for the love of God, go back to double-clicking a search result plays the SINGLE SONG you clicked. I'm fine with double-clicking on an album song loading the entire album, but for search results where you'll easily get over a dozen artists and covers it makes absolutely no sense to play every single one of them. Just exclude continuous play from search results.