Allow Users to Flag/Tag Tracks with Explicit Lyrics

Please add an option on the drop-down for users to flag songs not yet tagged as [Explicit]. Crowdsourcing the process of catching all explicit lyrics in music that may have fallen through the digital cracks will go a long way toward making your service usable for parents of small children, users in professional work environments, retail establishments, and a million other places where explicit lyrics aren't welcome. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the request for a "skip explicit songs" switch posted elsewhere.


The current database depends on the publishers to identify explicit lyrics, and for that to transfer through to Spotify, so while some are identified, others are not.


Abuse can be minimized by allowing only logged-in users to report explicit lyrics, and capping the number of songs that can be flagged per day. Worst case, a song is incorrectly identified as 'explicit' and left off of a 'clean' playlist.


You could default to tagging it as explicit after the first flag, then in the rare case where another user disputes that label, and believes the song to be clean, have a review process by Spotify Staff to permanently 'clear' the song according to Spotify's standards.


Easy Peasy.

Updated: 2016-01-27

Update: This idea has been suggested again here:


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I'm stunned this isn't a feature already, I just got a stern talking too over mislabeled explicit music at work..

I like this idea.  However I did post a comment months ago stating that if Spotify did not add an optional content filter that I would cancel my subscription and uninstall their program.  I invite anyone else to join in my new years resolution to boycot Spotify until such action has been taken.  And please, let them know the reason you are leavin