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Allowing listeners to know how many hours they've used listening to music

Status: Case Closed
by Colleen on ‎2012-10-25 01:48 AM

I live in the U.S. where apparently our listening time limit doesn't work or whatever it is. But I try and keep my listening to a minimum, which is pretty difficult using Free Listening. What I think Spotify should do is allow those of us people who use the free option to know how many hours we've used and how many we have left. Because sometimes I get lost in listening to the music, and I have no clue how much time I have left.

Status: Case Closed

The listening limit for Spotify free users is gone now. ;)
by Moderator
on ‎2012-10-26 08:19 AM

As a US user, you'll get no limits to how much music you can listen to per month.


However, for those users elsewhere who do have time limits - there is a bar that comes up in the top right with the remaining time shown.

by Jude
on ‎2012-10-30 04:06 PM
Status changed to: Case Closed
by Bullmull
on ‎2013-05-16 10:38 PM
I tjink you should add a feature to premium (mainly) members to see how many hours this day, week, month, year and total you have listened. I listen about 9h a day, but would love to see my montly length. Cheers //Axel
by bobemakk
on ‎2013-05-16 10:42 PM

I just don't understand why we have a playlist and have to be a premium member to continually listening to our music.

by sherlizz
on ‎2013-05-22 12:49 AM

Get the countdown counter back please.

by Top Star
on ‎2013-10-29 03:08 PM
Status changed to: New Idea

Re-opening this idea since after an update the timer is only shown when you have 1 hour left. This idea here requests to have the timer always shown in the top right to let you know how many hours you have left to listen to in this month (Spotify free).
by Top Star
on ‎2013-12-29 02:16 PM
Status changed to: Case Closed

The listening limit for Spotify free users is gone now. ;)
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