Always Provide Clean/Edited Versions of Songs

I wish Spotify would provide more of the "clean" versions of songs that play on either the radio or the artist realease themselves. My younger brother loves a bunch of songs that he heard on the radio, but the only version he can find are explicit and we as a family really just don't enjoy the unneeded addition of the explicit content to an otherwise good song.

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Hey there!

Spotify wants all the world’s music on Spotify. However, some artists and tracks aren't currently available (in a certain country). Sometimes agreements can’t be reached with the artist or label or a change may happen in music ownership.

However, please know thousands of albums and artists are added to Spotify every day. If you can’t find an artist you’re looking for, they may appear (or reappear) soon.

In the meantime, feel free to contact the artist or their label to ask when they plan to be on Spotify. Thanks!

Here's also a link with more info about it:
Content Missing FAQ


Maybe it's not the explicit of the song you should worry about. If it has profanity or adult content, maybe it's because it's not suppose to be family friendly in the first place ;)

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I agree with you! I'm on the border of canceling my account because too much profanity comes up...and it's NSFW. It's super frustrating. Please offer the radio edits!


Yes! Why would I need to listen to the live concert version? The sound quality is a lot of times worse, and there's annoying shouting, clapping, talking in it.


I completely agree. I am considering switching back to iTunes because of Spotify's lack of clean edits. I use Spotify for my hip-hop dance class, and for some of my songs there are no clean versions. 


Spotify, please help!

Casual Listener

YES! Please provide the option of the Clean/Radio edit of a song. As a family of premium users  this is becoming a big concern. Our children hear a song they like from the radio and it ends up being full of profanities. It is difficult to play our playlists at social gatherings due to the explicit material.  Never mind the children - We don't like to hear it. We understand some might like the explicit version but a choice would be ideal.

We love Spotify and many of our friends are now using it too on our recommendation. We would hate this to be a dealbreaker  - but we are  starting to consider other options. PLEASE rectify this asap. Thank you :)


Totally agree. I can't just let the mixes play when the kids are around because I'm getting bombed with profanity. It's fine they have those versions for those that want it, but how about a filter for those that don't. Why can't I just default to the clean version.


I believe that if I am paying for a music service, I should have a choice between explicit or the clean version. Like many listeners, I too like to listen to certain music in my vehicle but, at times, I can't because I have young kids in the car and its usually music we all like. It irritates me when people try to tell me or others "if you don't want to hear the cursing, turn it off or don't listen". Bull! that's why the artist create explicit and clean versions so everyone can enjoy their music and if a music artist can't make music without every word being a curse word, then they’re not creative or talented and they don’t need to be making music



Also if Spotify dont consider providing clean version songs soon, I too will be canceling my services and switch to a music streaming service that provide it and more.


Totally agree! I LOVE to listen to Spotify at work, but I can't because there are no clean versions available. This is the reason I do not pay for the Premium level!