Always show the Saved check mark

Status: Case Closed

The new august update to Spotify removed the ability to at a glance see which songs you had starred and replaced it with the new save functionality that is hidden in the same column as the song length. This design decision is a poor one as the saved check should have it's owen column, there is no good reason why it was put into the song length column and hidden in the first place. I hope this is changed quickly, because I don't like this trend of reduced functionalty...

Updated: 2015-11-17

You should now always see the checkmarks in the new desktop client. 😉

Status changed to: New Idea

Always showing the check mark would go a long way towards mitigating the loss of stars.


Yes please. We shouldn't have to hover to see if a song has been checked.


The good thing about the stars was that they were _very_ easy to spot. I really appreciate to show the check mark by default, but please make it more *visible*. Thanks.


I absolutely agree that this should be implemented. There really was no good UX reason for getting decreasing the visibility of the stars (now check marks) in that way.

This is mostly fixed now, right? Good on Spotify getting it mostly fixed so quick. Again, if I was the UI designer, I'd be looking for a new job right now. And it's important to note that without the ticks being bigger and brighter, they still don't have parity with Stars

Does anybody has an idea why some of my set check marks dissappear and the majority don't


I was wondering the same thing as bguerth.  Why do some songs that I checkmarked lose their checkmark, even though they remain in "Your Music"?  It makes it a bit of a pain to keep track of what songs have been saved, especially when there are a few thousand tracks.

Status changed to: Case Closed
Updated: 2015-11-17

You should now always see the checkmarks in the new desktop client. 😉