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Since the last update it's not possible anymore to choose where to save the files (Downloaded Playlists) in the Android app. I have two SD cards in my phone and I NEED to use the big one to save huge amounts of spotify music. Unfortunately this feature is not available anymore? This doesn't make sense at all to me!


Please re-implement it in the next update.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Hi guys.  I just posted an update regarding the progress on this feature at the link below:



Why isn't anything happening?? I need spotify on my sd card. Do it!!
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how about choosing the directory in which you can transfer the downloaded music 😉

my intigrated storage is almost full and i cant download a song anymore...

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How long does it take to roll out an update for this?


there's no way you can add big playlists in extreme quality without an sd card. this needs to be brought back

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If this feature is not implemented again fast I will cancel my subscription!!

+1. this is a gotta have for us android users. I specifically passed on the new nexus 4 and HTC DNA because they didn't have a sd slot. I bought a galaxy S3 and promptly dropped in a 64GB card. Spotify was the first app I downloaded. You can imagine my disappointment.

Yeah, good luck with that... notice they said this was an issue (just a lower issue) back in june (and remember, on the last big update they killed this feature they had worked so hard to promote when they made the fix in the first place.) It's the reason most of us HAVE 64GB cards - so they cost me an extra $60. At this rate the 64GB card will be worth about $5 when they fix the issue. 


No one at spotify understands the concept of "superusers" yet. We don't count comapred to the vast churning of new people signing up, at least a hundred of whom I encouraged to sign up. So now I'm considering it my mission to get at least a hundred people to quit Spotify. I doubt they'll notice, until another start-up gets the service model right and eats their lunch. It will be too late by then...


I know it has been said but we need the ability to download offline playlist to a freakin sd card.  That is all.

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New to spotify totally love it up until i encountered this same problem. The cynic in me says apple want us to keep paying for more GB instead of jumping to android devices with cheaper expendable memory..they are losing out slowly to Samsung etc i am a big apple fan but lately being swayed.. please look after us and we will look after u and keep subscribing 🙂

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