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Since the last update it's not possible anymore to choose where to save the files (Downloaded Playlists) in the Android app. I have two SD cards in my phone and I NEED to use the big one to save huge amounts of spotify music. Unfortunately this feature is not available anymore? This doesn't make sense at all to me!


Please re-implement it in the next update.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Why has this still not been sorted. SPOTIFY - you are pissing off all the evangelists who are helping to recruit new subscribers. This has been talked about for about 6 months now, why are we still waiting????


I am going to cancel my premium subscription if this feature does not come back

Is a shame that this feature isn't on Android. When is the next update being released? I just switched from ios and spotify took way too long to update iphone and update apps

I spend a lot of money each month for the spotify service. Thus such a limitation is very disappointing and frustrating. This is not OK - especially because the spotify advertising / product informatin tells that one  can download playlists. I can not see any disadavantage for spotify. 


I'm shocked too. I was struggling with the absence of this feature on MOG, and noted that several people have left MOG in favor of Spotify because it used to have this feature. I have Premium of both. So I came over to Spotify and was really shocked to find that now Spotify does not have it either. This really seems utterly and completely basic. Why did we all buy those big external SD cards? It's so obvious. MOG says that Android doesn't have a standard approach to this. That's pretty sad. You guys need to get on the ball, and get Google on the ball. Really.


I will cancel my subsription if this is not fixed ASAP, its beyond belief how they expect android users not to be able to use SD card storage.


Wake up and smell the coffee spotify, very poor

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I will cancel my subsription if this is not fixed ASAP, its beyond belief how they expect android users not to be able to use SD card storage.


This has been as issue for a long time, just look at the date on this idea, so "ASAP" is unlikely. 

This a massively requested and complained about feature, my kudos is added!



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I will cancel my subsription if this is not fixed ASAP, its beyond belief how they expect android users not to be able to use SD card storage.


I almost entirely buy a smartphoe to have QUALITY and CHOICE everywhere, being at work, driving or having a walk, by using Spotify off course 🙂


So storing my music on big external SD card is a REQUIREMENT !!


Move ! Please take 2 seconds and had the feature now ! 9 month of waiting is not acceptable !


I've had a great week, in which I've spent bloody hours and hours to hack around this problem. It worked in the end (after many, many tries), but I really don't see why I have to manually work my way around such an obvious and easy to solve problem. Boo, Spotify! Boo! We always were such good friends!

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It is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable, that the most logic feature of the world existing on previous Spotify versions, which is to store the music you listen in the street, in the park, in the metro, in a external SD card, is erased in a "downdate" stupid software change.

Spotify is available for Samsung Galaxy ACE. It has 300 mb of internal memory. Which monkey thought that with the update one human being could have Facebook, Gmail, Apps, etc, and enough space available to save his recently downloaded Metallica (uppps, Metallica is not in Spotify, sorry), album, in his phone, in order to listen it making footing in the park. Maybe the idea is to make the mobile companies rich by streaming everything in 3G.

But the most WEIRD, STUPID, and ANNOYING thing, is that his thread is opened since June past year. I dont mind how many Kudos have this idea. If you search through internet, you will find a huge thousands of people blaming on Spotify because of this. And you promised to update it since June past year. You're joking your clients and if any other application merges-up, you will lose the track and bye bye, Spotify.

You're losing money guys. Put people working on this right now. The number of Kudos is fake. If you sum the number of duplicated ideas Kudos existing right now you will find 123.443 Kudos. Don't be stupd. Stop losing money.

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Kudos added.  Any chance of an update?  I'm a developer myself so understand how things that seem simple from the outside can be fiendishly difficult to implement.  Just some reassurance that this will happen would be nice.