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Since the last update it's not possible anymore to choose where to save the files (Downloaded Playlists) in the Android app. I have two SD cards in my phone and I NEED to use the big one to save huge amounts of spotify music. Unfortunately this feature is not available anymore? This doesn't make sense at all to me!


Please re-implement it in the next update.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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Please make an update with a proper fix for the SD-card problems once and for all. It really sucks spending money on a SD-card when it doesn't work properly. Now it's just a mess with different guides throughout the internet.  


This is the ideas and feedback forum, which is probably why you're being ignored :-).

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It would be good if we could manage the external and internal sd card's at the same time using spotify. 


I would like to have the possibility to chose where I want to save the downloaded music on my android smartphone because I have 16GB of internal space (which is also used my many other apps) and a large microSD which I bought to save alle the media on. With other MediaPlayer Apps (for example DoubleTwist) this works excellent.


Seriously, this needs to be fixed urgently! Cancelling my plan until it does. It's no use to me without being able to save to extSD!


i agree. i will not be paying for spotify until this is fixed!!

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Status changed to: Watch this space

As of the Android 0.5.12 release, your data will be stored in the most efficient location on your phone/device.


To get this to work the first time you may just have to use the new 'delete cache' option in the settings and relaunch the app.

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Good! Too bad it got even removed! However this time it would be great if it could be found easier.


However, I already turned my back on Spotify and I'm not coming back. I don't like the way you remove features as you like and don't implement some essential ones! I spend my money now on classic mp3.

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Hey guys. I've merged a couple of similar ideas into this one and adjusted the Kudos weight to fairly reflect total votes for this idea.  


I'm shocked that this isn't higher priority and hasn't been released earlier.  This is a very straightforward implementation and feature and for many devices, this is critical for people being able to use the features your product promises.  I'm starting to question the release priorities of the product...the pace of updates and features has been incredibly slow...I don't see how this isn't costing you the type of customers you want to keep.