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Since the last update it's not possible anymore to choose where to save the files (Downloaded Playlists) in the Android app. I have two SD cards in my phone and I NEED to use the big one to save huge amounts of spotify music. Unfortunately this feature is not available anymore? This doesn't make sense at all to me!


Please re-implement it in the next update.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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The feature was there before, so why does it take so long to bring it back? Dear spotify, I have 32Gb external sd card, it's obvious I want to store multimedia there!


Id love to see this, I have a 16GB Note 2 and the offline playlists add up to 5GB. Thats half of my storage wiped out. I have a 64GB SD card inside, but why wont spotify let you move the music there :S Deezer lets you do it!


Hey guys,

Today's release - 0.5.12 - will store your data in the most efficient location on your phone/device.


To get this to work the first time you may just have to use the new 'delete cache' option in the settings and relaunch the app.


We're discussing this particular release over here: http://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Android/Release-Notes-Spotify-for-Android-0-5-12-52/td-p/353438... 


Are you happy for us to mark this Idea as Implemented now? Let us know your thoughts.

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Personally I'd say this idea still hasn't been implemented since in the latest release the app chooses for you. Maybe my SD card has more space, but I do actually still want my playlists on my phone or vice versa. [I don't, I want them on my SD card, but hypothetically speaking :P]


I don't think this idea can be marked as done until the user can select the location. Even just 'Internal / External' would be decent, although an actual location entering box would be ideal.



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From reviewing community feedback about this, I think everyone is glad SD card storage is back BUT the overall view is that people want to be able to choose the offline storage location. Just my thoughts from reading the android section following this release. In terms of this actual idea, it is not implemented since the OP said "choose" the storage location and that is not a feature even in the new app. 



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I think it should have the status "Half Implemented".


(You should make it ;))

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I want my offline music to be stored on my external SD card. Yet no matter what I do, even if I use the "delete cache" option in settings and restart the app or even uninstall and reinstall the app, Spotify insists on storing my offline music in my device memory, and then it fills up and I get told I can't download any more offline playlists because storage is full.


I want to be able to CHOOSE to save offline music to my SD card ONLY. This feature used to exist. Why the reluctance to bring it back?


I've tried so many different ways to get it onto my SD card (e.g. installing the old version of Spotify, choosing external SD card as download location for offline music, downloading a playlist, then upgrading to current version of Spotify) that now it seems like the Spotify app is all screwed up on my Android device (Jelly Bean).


What a headache. I don't think Spotify supposedly choosing the "most efficient" option for you counts as resolving this issue and implementing this idea.


Seems to work, just had to remove the old tweak (uninstall Spotify), where I used the old installation apk that stil had the option to store on a SD card. 

The new version chooses my ext card as it has the most free space. 


Stil would like to be able to manually choose though


I personally don't see why the program has to make the choice, when it's the users that are requesting the choice of where to store their offline music. I personally have a 16GB SD Card, and 16GB of Internal Data, yet Spotify CONSISTANTLY puts it in the Device Memory, when I want it in the SD Card. Could we at least have that option back for those of us that want the option?


realy need my storage space back.. please make possible to move to sd

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