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Since the last update it's not possible anymore to choose where to save the files (Downloaded Playlists) in the Android app. I have two SD cards in my phone and I NEED to use the big one to save huge amounts of spotify music. Unfortunately this feature is not available anymore? This doesn't make sense at all to me!


Please re-implement it in the next update.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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I have a suggestion lets all leave negative feed back on the app and cancel our premium accounts till it gets fixed.


Just adding another voice to this crusade. I've tried the few workarounds available (aside from rooting my phone) and am unable to coax the app to download the music to my SD card. This does seem like a rather basic function for such a popular app. Hope this can be resolved soon!

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"We'll be bringing this feature back with the upcoming release of the Android application" Hmm it's now November... Still haven't seen it and it's really killing my tablet!


It's now December 31, and this feature has STILL not been reimplemented.  I just got a new Android phone a few days ago, and downloaded the app, and it is busily eating away at my internal storage while I have 9 gb of SD card space available.  I'm a Premium subscriber...since it's a paid service, I'd really appreciate this change!

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Yeah I agree... I only have 2MB internal memory on my phone but have 15GB on my SD-cad just waiting to be filled. If I download one playlist on my internal memory the whole phone gets super slow... It's about time Spotify makes this update happen or I might just have to leave the service and find another... I have been a premium member for almost 4 years now. Give me some credit and make this happen!!!!!!!

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Spotify is in real danger of losing people over this, especially when on there help page they give out false info!! I even reset my device just in case old files were causing a problem yet my music still saved to my internal storage. Fix it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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Hey Spotify, please be more specific on which update and when that one comes available.

Please, let it be soon, very soon.

This is a vital fix, as the app in its present state can cause your android phone to stop functioning. This was the only reason I subscribed to premium service.

As tomasfinneran said, this is the only reason why I subscribed in the first place. I have a 32GB SD which I cannot use because spotify wants to download ALL the freaking data in the 2 GB internal storage that my Moto E has. 


Please update this, otherwise I will have to cancel the premium 😕

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I want this optiont too.

I set default memory in my HTC desire 310 to extermal SD and sptify load the cache to external SD, byt from time to time something hapens and it load cache to internal memory. I nead to reboot my mobile manualy clear spotify directory from external SD and clear cache from spotify setting and it's alright - to the next time.

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