[Android] Disable full screen cover art in lock screen

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It has been asked for years and you seem to never pay attention to it.

Can you please give us an option to disable the cover art wallpaper in the lock screen?


The wallpapers look low quality and ugly. I also think they are not necessary, since we have the album cover in the notification already.


Plase, think about this feature. You'd make your users very happy.

If a lot of music players can have this option, I don't see why you can't.






Updated on 2021-06-24

Hello everyone,


We've discussed this Idea internally and have decided to close it.


The reason for this is that if a full screen cover art is shown on the lockscreen has always been dependent on how the Android rom on the particular phone was configured to interact with media playback. This can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, from one android version to another and from one phone model to the other.


As it stands, the newest Android development is that no full-screen album art will be shown. Due to these changes and the people who received these android updates, we actually started seeing requests for the exact opposite: to have full screen cover art shown on the lockscreen. 


As such, we'd like to direct your attention to this idea about an available toggle in the settings that controls the behavior and ultimately makes Spotify interact with the pre-set Android setting. If you feel this is something you want to support, please go give that idea a like.



Status changed to: New Idea

Updated on 2019-07-09

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


Please dont bad idea. I love them..


Yes and allow for full disabling of album art as an option as well. I don't like browsing the app for music with the chance of coming across stuff I don't want myself or others to see. It's literally just a toggle switch away, please give us this feature Spotify.


Why do new threads keep getting closed and freshly opened? Losing the historic context and votes here!


An option to disable them is a needed feature.

I listen to Bloodhoundgang for example very often. And some of these cover arts are really strange. And I dont want anyone to see them in Public.


Also, an option to disable them is not hard to implement. Give me the source code and I will do that for you in maybe 2 - 3 days.


I mean, this request is going on for years now, starting in 2016 iirc.


Please do this, Spotify.


Dear Spotify Community,


A previous post defined the "flaw" in the Spotify settings.

It's missing the option to enable/disable the lockscreen album art. 

If you want to read the original post, which has been closed because of too less kudoo's, you can find it here.


If you don't have the time to read the entire post, here's a summary:


As I listen to music every day, almost every hour, I "always" see the album art on my lockscreen. I'd rather not.

I think the community would benefit from an option where they can decide to turn it on or off.


The reason of re-opening the subject:

I think it's a missed oppertunity to keep the subject closed, since I think there are a lot of people who are "annoyed" by the feature, but won't bother voting.

Status changed to: New Idea

Updated on 2019-08-30

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


I search the internet every few months for a solution to this and all I find is Spotify threads that have been closed and then new threads opened but no solution implemented. Please add this simple toggle switch to disable lock screen album art! This is basic app functionality for 2019.


I'd really appreciate an option to disable full screen cover. I'd like to see just my lock screen and a notification about what's currently playing with a small cover, just like on the notification bar when you pull it down. 


That's how I would like Spotify to look on my lock screen.