[Android] Disable full screen cover art in lock screen

It has been asked for years and you seem to never pay attention to it.

Can you please give us an option to disable the cover art wallpaper in the lock screen?


The wallpapers look low quality and ugly. I also think they are not necessary, since we have the album cover in the notification already.


Plase, think about this feature. You'd make your users very happy.

If a lot of music players can have this option, I don't see why you can't.






Updated on 2021-06-24

Hello everyone,


We've discussed this Idea internally and have decided to close it.


The reason for this is that if a full screen cover art is shown on the lockscreen has always been dependent on how the Android rom on the particular phone was configured to interact with media playback. This can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, from one android version to another and from one phone model to the other.


As it stands, the newest Android development is that no full-screen album art will be shown. Due to these changes and the people who received these android updates, we actually started seeing requests for the exact opposite: to have full screen cover art shown on the lockscreen. 


As such, we'd like to direct your attention to this idea about an available toggle in the settings that controls the behavior and ultimately makes Spotify interact with the pre-set Android setting. If you feel this is something you want to support, please go give that idea a like.




Its odd to even consider this a feature request. Seems more like a bug that has been left in for years now.


Share this with whoever you can to help us vote, I tried to contanct the mods which is a little more than doing nothing. Don't let Spotify ignore us.


Do this Spotify. This has been long time coming please. Has been asked in many different forms, now its time to act on it


Bumping this again. Stunned that Spotify STILL doesn't have this.

The only reason I'm still using it is because I got premium as part of my phone contract. If this isn't implemented by the time it comes to renewal, I'll be leaving for good.

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As the main problem is that it looks low quality, I think this idea should be asking for two options: an option to use only high resolution album art  (which fills screen completely without having to be stretched AT ALL) or none at all, and an option to disable fullscreen artwork entirely. 


This is so annoying I have a hard time expressing how much it bothers me that you cannot disable it. Honestly a factor that could make me switch to another service even if I would lose all my saved music. 

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Please do this I hate spotify because you cannot disable the album art


Bump to the thread. Don't let it die people, but I think if they didn't implemented such a simple feature in like 6 years... Smh


This is so frustrating -- Spotify can be NSFW with some of the explicit album art. I'm so frustrated that I have to feel uncomfortable and nervous, at times, just to switch tracks.

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How is there not even a status update from the Devs or Community Managers?

Such an essential feature should be in your backlog from day-1, if it's not included with the base product in the first place.


How is your progress on that?

I've switched smartphones and just noticed this today, as my heavily modded phone before had options to suppress this behavior.

Tell us something, even if it's "we'll consider that at date X".

The fact that this has been complained about for YEARS now without any statement from your side is a shame to watch.