[Android] Disable full screen cover art in lock screen

Status: Case Closed

It has been asked for years and you seem to never pay attention to it.

Can you please give us an option to disable the cover art wallpaper in the lock screen?


The wallpapers look low quality and ugly. I also think they are not necessary, since we have the album cover in the notification already.


Plase, think about this feature. You'd make your users very happy.

If a lot of music players can have this option, I don't see why you can't.






Updated on 2021-06-24

Hello everyone,


We've discussed this Idea internally and have decided to close it.


The reason for this is that if a full screen cover art is shown on the lockscreen has always been dependent on how the Android rom on the particular phone was configured to interact with media playback. This can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, from one android version to another and from one phone model to the other.


As it stands, the newest Android development is that no full-screen album art will be shown. Due to these changes and the people who received these android updates, we actually started seeing requests for the exact opposite: to have full screen cover art shown on the lockscreen. 


As such, we'd like to direct your attention to this idea about an available toggle in the settings that controls the behavior and ultimately makes Spotify interact with the pre-set Android setting. If you feel this is something you want to support, please go give that idea a like.




I hope android makes it optional so that we can disable it for ALL apps, but spotify still has to implement it.

Robbillabong many years now, since this has been requested for the first time and nothing happened. Shame on you, Spotify. These album arts on lockscreen just look so ugly. 


Release this function because even in Android 11 some manufacturers (OnePlus for example) didn't add it in system


This would take so little developer time and effort, I don't understand why it hasn't been prioritized.


I've found a solution to this: change to tidal. The album artworks are HD and look incredible. Also they pay the artists more.

Changing to TIDAL doesn't change the fact that I don't want album artworks featuring inappropriate images to be my phone's lock screen picture.


True, it doesn't solve that problem. But it solves the OP's problem of them being low quality


The end of april 2021 is near... the world has endured a pandemic.. and yet Spotify's developers still have yet to fix this horrendous bug. 😐

Guess I'll consider switching to Tidal.



Wow. Spotify can afford to pay Joe Rogan millions of dollars but apparently don't have the resources to fix something as straightforward as this, that so many people are requesting and after so many YEARS, is just depressing.


So, it will be implemented in Spotify client or not? It's very strange, that such a function can't be implemented for so long.