[Android] Option to disable lockscreen album art

As the title says, wouldn't it be more beneficial for everybody if there was an option to enable/disable the lockscreen media album art? Those who like it would keep it enabled and those who don't, won't. I personally dislike the feature because I don't like seeing the album art every time I open my lock screen as I listen to music a lot.
It'd be awesome if Spotify would implement such a feature. I'd rather see my set lockscreen wallpaper than the album art of the music I'm listening to.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

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Hahaha.. don't want to be leaving a fingerprint on that one 😄


**bleep** yes please. This is such pain, especially as some of the album covers are very ugly to look at, and it is almost the only thing I ever have to look at as I am always listening to Spotify. Please change this, please.

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bump.. No update? Spotify team?? 😕


Pretty please add the option to remove the lock screen artwork. Not only do I not want it there, it's often low-res, randomly placed and it makes the lock screen look darn ugly.

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Months and months have passed; Spotify is yet to give a darn!


Please implement this. I love the feature in general but some album art is inappropriate for work (NSFW-ish).


There are apps that already implement this option apparently, never used one though.


I know CyanogenMod (LineageOS) implements this on a system level (toggle is in the settings), and LineageOS is open source I think if you guys want to take a look, if it's helpful.


Yes please, the feature is irritating. It won't let me vote.


Just added my kudos -- still shocks me that a simple toggle has been suggested (and has failed to garner enough kudos) for years now


Please implement an option to remove the album art! I want to see my loved ones, not creepy strangers!

In the meantime, since this has been open for years, does anyone have any suggestions for alternative clients?

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