[Android][Other] Bring back the car view

Bring back the car view or at least make a decent landscape mode.

Updated on 2022-07-21


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Yes! PLEASE! Not even to use it in a car, but while listening to music connected to a Bluetooth speaker! At the moment the phone always turns black and I have to navigate with those tiny buttons ... Horrible!



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Updated on 2022-01-25

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YEES please bring it back, why was it actually removed??? I'm so tired of pulling over and stop to skip a track 😒


Voted 👍


Very frustrating that you see this as a new suggestion. Just bring Car View back until there is an alternative. Taking it away without an alternative is a backwards step, not innovation. We shouldn't need to be voting on this, it's common sense.


Please bring it back! I used to use Spotify in my car quite a lot, because of this setback i kinda got back into CD's . Just make the feature available again, taking it away without an alternative is irresponsible. People are still going to listen to music and podcasts in their car. 


Make sure you vote for it to be set up. Scroll up to the New Suggestion voting entry........slightly frustrating ad its not new  I know!


Make sure you vote!

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