[Android][Other] Maybe a widget?

Here's a weird idea, it's august 2019 and Android has been around for 12 years. Apps and come and gone, some apps have this thing called a widget, something you can place on your homescreen and control the app from. It works really well and you as a company, who state over and over again how you value your users and that you want to be in the forefront of user experience, should really look into developing one... 

Updated on 2019-08-15

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Casual Listener

Hey, great idea! 


Maybe they can take a page from some of the other media players, like google play, amazon music, APPLE music or heck basically ANY OTHER media player out there because a widget is a basic functionality for a media app on android. 


**bleep** me. I've been a premium subscriber for over 5 years, I've always been like "hey these changes aren't THAT bad" even when they took lyrics away and replaced them with this behind the lyrics nonsense no one asked for. But they FINALLY p i s s e d even me off one too many times.


Get you're act together, no one wants features removed for no **bleep** reason. 


Completely agree

I honestly can't understand the idea behind removing the widget. It didn't bother anyone but you still had to kill it for no reason!

Please bring it back! 


This sucks, I use that widget multiple times every single day. I don't ever use the app icon I use the widget. It's so much easier to just click and play rather than click click click click oh play. Why take it away?? If someone doesn't want it they don't have to add it... But what about the thousands of people who do want it... I'm very upset. I don't want another app on my home screen I want the widget. 


So my app just updated and it took me a while to understand why there's a huge blank space on my home screen.


While I think the previous comments are a bit too aggressive, I agree with the point they're making. I personally use the widget every day, and love it. If you're going to remove the widget then please explain the alternative - and as others have stated, the notification tray feature only provides some of the solution.


Please bring back the widget. Widgets are one of the main reasons I love Android, and the spotify app.


Spotify has an amazing history of removing features people rely on based on a whim. I'm guessing they had to update this for the next version of Android and didn't want to? 

At any rate, I've been using this widget for six or seven years. I will use Spotify less without it. I'm going to check out free trials on other services and make the jump unless this comes back ASAP.

Casual Listener

The only widget I use since years ago and now is gone. Well, now I can say I don't use any widget at all. Thanks Spotify.



Schade, dass Du uns verlässt Du hast Dein Spotify Premium-Abonnement gekündigt, das am 2019-08-18 endet.


Removing features on end, yet nothing new has come. No explanations, no alternatives, just removing features that even free services provide.


Not only they removed the widget for this version, also they removed the off line funtion on the mosaics for Android, it was very useful for those of us who had limited amount of GB on our celular service, specially when driving. But removing the widget, simply **bleep** me enough!!!! 😠


They should know their audience. Android users are not the same demographic as IOS users, we want to be able to customise.  


Agreed, the widget is hugely useful and was the primary way I used Spotify on my phone. 

It doesn't help that there are no release notes in the play store, or that the support email results in patronising responses that boil down to "use the main player" and "go search for information elsewhere".

It's clear that Spotify is giving up any pretence of caring about the user experience, focusing only on internal efficiency and cost cutting.