[Android][Other] Maybe a widget?

Here's a weird idea, it's august 2019 and Android has been around for 12 years. Apps and come and gone, some apps have this thing called a widget, something you can place on your homescreen and control the app from. It works really well and you as a company, who state over and over again how you value your users and that you want to be in the forefront of user experience, should really look into developing one... 

Updated on 2019-08-15

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Just adding my name to the growing list of people annoyed with this change. The widget was the main way I interacted with this app as it reduced the number of button presses needed to interact with the controls and didn't need me to fire up the main app. Also I disliked the pull down notification controls because everyone is trying to get in on that menu meaning it is a cluttered mess of apps vying for attention.


With the widget my music controls were in the exact place I wanted them and I could use them without looking at my screen.


Crazy. What's the reason to remove a feature that people use on a daily basis? What kind of Product Owner makes a decision to remove a feature that makes the product worse in the eyes of the users?



Casual Listener

This is utter nonsense. Why in the world would you do this? 

I am also seriously considering canceling my paid subscription and it is a family one. 

If you gave at leadt one REASONABLE reason for removing it but all you did is "we take removing features very seriously. Here's how you can easily still operate Spotify blah blah blah...". No. It's not as if the widget would still be there AND you didn't give ANY REASON why you removed it. People are definitely not happy with your moves, Spotify... Stop treating your customers like idiots 

Casual Listener

I've already cancelled my subscription. 1 click or a half-dozen clicks/swipes - erm...!
It's hardly a worldwide catastrophe, but I'll take my 9.99 elsewhere!


That was the feature that was missing on ios and that iphone users were craving for. We used it everyday, that is so much easier when you are driving... Please give us back the widget, or we will consider go to another service which has it.


Why would you think removing a vital feature is a step forward? Not sure who runs your ideas team but perhaps they need removing. 

Return the widget or I take my family account for 6 years to another company! One that understands the value of widgets. 


Would you just bring the widgets back, will you!


Why. Why. Why. The widget was my main interface with Spotify on my phone. I want everything I use regularly available on my home screen. Hence a widget! Now I need to perform an extra action. And I can't access the full app as quickly as before. Stupid, stupid idea. Give me back my widget!!!


When the widget is there, I look at the device, I see what's playing, I go back to my activity. Now, with the widget gone, I have to drop what I'm doing and interact with my device to see what's playing. STUPID ****ING IDEA. Apps are supposed to make tasks EASIER, not HARDER. I'll grant you, the widget hasn't exactly been working flawlessly of late (probably because of Google's constant efforts to restrict Android development), but something is better than nothing. BRING THE WIDGET BACK. 

Music Fan

Do you know what?  A widget would be a fracking awesome idea.  Sounds like something that would be incredibly useful and leverage one of the neat features Android provides.