[Android][Other] Maybe a widget?

Here's a weird idea, it's august 2019 and Android has been around for 12 years. Apps and come and gone, some apps have this thing called a widget, something you can place on your homescreen and control the app from. It works really well and you as a company, who state over and over again how you value your users and that you want to be in the forefront of user experience, should really look into developing one... 

Updated on 2019-08-15

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I agree completely. Spotify seems so out of touch with what their customers actually want and are obviously living in their own bubble to not think that the widget is a good idea. BRING BACK THE **bleep**ING WIDGET!!!

Casual Listener

Can't believe they removed this feature. Bring back the widget or I am out. I have no loyalty to Spotify, especially when they continue to make moves that demonstrate they are either deaf to customer's wishes or simply don't care.

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I just cancelled my paid subscription, unfortunately it's not prorated, it's like I bought a new car and the manufacturer drove it through a wall and still expected me to make payments.


This is ridiculous! That was one of the reasons I loved having Spotify. It made accessing my music so simple. If you are going to take it away at least give an option to add it back. There was nothing in the update notes about this either.


Wow you guys hugely underestimate the usefulness of a widget on Android. I am a premium user and I am seriously considering opting-out just because of this change.

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This is absolutely ridiculous..it's my main way of controlling Spotify. Bring it back!


Definitely turning of automatic updates.

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Bring it back! My main way of controlling the app.


Why would you do this? Any why wasn't it in the changelog? This way i I could have chosen whether to update. Explain the changes.


I was using widget every single day. How can You remove something that is used by so many?

Add new and then remove old- is it so complicated?

I won't wait for long before I switch Spotify because of that... 



Instead of removing it how about updating the widget so we can customize its appearamce. Some of us prefer Android because of the customization. 

Casual Listener

As usual, Spotify playing asinine games.


Who in the everliving inferno decided removing the widget was a good idea? Especially with NOT telling customers the reason why? And don't you come at me with "we made a post about it" -- that post gives NO EFFING JUSTIFICATION WHATSOEVER and YOU KNOW IT. 


Bring back the **bleep** widget. It was the ONE thing that made your product usable, especially with how trash your library can be in my country.