[Android][Other] Spotify-connect CD-quality, losseless streaming

Dear Spotify


I'm a premium user of spotify.

I read on the internet that manny spotify users (including myself) realy like to have lossless streaming possible, just like Tidal and other streamingservices. Tidel is right: this is the future of streaming on hifi systems. Spotify is verry late to implement this, I hope not too late. I wonder what apple will do. Spotify has to be the best, also for people who like to here music in cd-quality on their hifi systems. It can not be true that users walk away to Tidel or so because of the streaming quality. Spotify can easely fix this and give everyone, including me, a reason to stay with spotify. Than services like Tidal will not 'kill Spotify' as some newsarticles are shouting. I'm using spotify-connect on my hifi-networkreceiver (yamaha R-N500) and a good set of speakers. I love spotify-connect, but I really miss the cd-quality. Some people say you can't here the difference but that's not true in my experience. I hope that you can realize this in the near future.


Thank you for your understanding.


Kind regards.


Bart from Holland.

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