[Android] Redesign to fit the Material Design Guidelines

Hi guys,


I've been using the Android app for a bit. To be honest, the UI feels a bit dated and doesn't really fit the Holo design guidelines which you can find here. One example of a really nice redesign is attached to this post.


Thanks for considering this.


EDIT: Now that Lollipop has been released along with the Material Design Guidelines, I think it would be a good idea to update the UI to fit these guidelines. A nice redesign is now attached to this post.


Updated on 2017-08-29

Hey everyone. This idea has been marked as "Not Right Now" since 2014 and today we're marking it as "Case Closed". 


To ensure Spotify feels familiar across all the different platforms and moments in peoples lives we work hard to ensure the experience feels like Spotify everywhere first, which means we follow our UI guidelines and would not follow the material design guidelines like for like.


However we are always sensitive to the nuances of the platform guidelines and work hard to balance the familiarity of the platform with the familiarity of Spotify.


We appreciate all your feedback, but we want to be transparent about the fact that this won't be fully implemented. Keep your eye on the Ideas Board for other announcements about idea we can implement for all of you.

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Nice redesign! Spotify already announced to update their design, so you will hopefully see some changes soon. 😉

Given the newly release of Android Lollipop and Material Design I think this is fit to bring up again. Because it would be nice to rework Spotify's existing look to a more material one. I'm not saying that you should redesign it totally just a rework to implement the Material Guidelines. Something like this would look really nice, while you wouldn't stray very far off the current design that you are having.

Material Design - Spotify Here are the guidelines: https://developer.android.com/design/index.html

Material Design

 @i077 Would be nice if you updateted your post with the image I provided and perhaps the text too 🙂

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@Osyx Done.


Now we just need to share it so we can get some more kudos.  To get the Spotify team to notice 🙂


This needs to be a higher priority. Spotify is one of the last media streaming apps to get updated to Material Design.

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Hello everybody,


I made this concept of the Android app to match the new material desgin a bit more. It's a result of one sleepless night, so it's basically just couple of ideas.


1.jpg 2.jpg   3.jpg 4.jpg

 5.jpg 6.jpg





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Oliver, I've moved your topic over here to gather all Material design feedback. Nicely done! 🙂

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Awesome, some of those things have really made it into the latest update! 🙂
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Wish Spotify had a total material design overall.


It would look so much nicer!

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oliver_straka Your concept looks really nice except the theme should be dark grey instead of white to match the Spotify colours. Also, the menu should be opened the classic material design way with a swipe from the left.

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