[Android] Redesign to fit the Material Design Guidelines

Hi guys,


I've been using the Android app for a bit. To be honest, the UI feels a bit dated and doesn't really fit the Holo design guidelines which you can find here. One example of a really nice redesign is attached to this post.


Thanks for considering this.


EDIT: Now that Lollipop has been released along with the Material Design Guidelines, I think it would be a good idea to update the UI to fit these guidelines. A nice redesign is now attached to this post.


Updated on 2017-08-29

Hey everyone. This idea has been marked as "Not Right Now" since 2014 and today we're marking it as "Case Closed". 


To ensure Spotify feels familiar across all the different platforms and moments in peoples lives we work hard to ensure the experience feels like Spotify everywhere first, which means we follow our UI guidelines and would not follow the material design guidelines like for like.


However we are always sensitive to the nuances of the platform guidelines and work hard to balance the familiarity of the platform with the familiarity of Spotify.


We appreciate all your feedback, but we want to be transparent about the fact that this won't be fully implemented. Keep your eye on the Ideas Board for other announcements about idea we can implement for all of you.


we are in 2016 with Android N and Spotify adndroid app is the same!! please we need material design, I am a premium consumer.

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Most recent app design looks more clean with flat surfaces. An evolutionary polishing. Nice. 


Spotify own design implementation is cool..forget Material design..😂



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The side button to select "go to artist," "add to quene" etc does not function as well as it could if the area that we could tough to select the button was wider. I try to select the button and end up changing the song when that was not my intention

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would like to see this happen


I wish this was how the app actually looked. I get why they might want to make it look like the IOS app, but the fact is... ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO! So, please, please, please share this so they might finally realize that their design isn't as good as they think. 

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This is such a great idea. It's sad that the people at Spotify dont want to do it, cause it would make so many people happy. The last UI update to make it more like the iOS app is so bad, makes me want to subscribe to Soundcloud GO and never look back

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Spotify really needs to redesign its Android app to the current design guidelines. They are just slacking off and use the crappy Apple guideline which isn't optimized for Android controls at all.