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[Android][Your Library] Select folder for local files on android

Being able to set a location like on the desktop app on an android device would eliminate getting unwanted files in the 'LOCAL FILES' playlist. e.g. I don't want voice memo's etc. showing up in 'LOCAL FILES' playlist, just my own local files which I could save in a separate folder.

Updated on 2023-09-13

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The "Add local files" option in the Android Application

Spotify has many great features. One of the best includes using plug-ins like scrobbling to last.FM. Without Spotify having plug-ins at its core what I stream via requests to the Google Assistant / Home would not show up in my Last.FM account This I am sure would also be the true for any of the other "Assistants" or streaming devices  This was the pivotal reason I dumped YouTube Premium for Spotify . However, the feature of storing my own music is lacking within Spotify. Spotify's immense collection of music does diminish the need to store within Spotify. On a PC the feature of connecting to local files or libraries is also a great help. However, I store about 20,000 songs on as removable SD card in my Android Phone that I would like to have access to. The suggestion to use the "Add local files" does bring in these tracks. But what was missed is that this also includes Voice messages, The one sided recordings of phone calls, Voice memos, Meeting recordings, reminder recordings, list recordings, Theme music, sounds, prompts and help from other android applications, ring-tones, notifications from other applications and games,  etc. None of which belongs in a music library. AND could amount to hundreds or even thousands of useless static that should not be there.  At the very least could you just add an option for just ONE folder which could be on a removable device. This would solve the issue for most who would want to use the option. I know this request may be redundant. I wanted to add the overwhelming reasons the request should not just be considered as an enhancement but as a bug fix and it should be corrected.
Thank you

Many thanks for the quick response! I voted 😉

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I am surprised that this doesn't bother a lot more people. I have about 300 local files on my phone that I would like to listen to via Spotify, but those files are mixed with ~5000 audio files from messengers like WhatsApp and signal. I don't need these in my audio player, ever. And creating a new playlist just for the files I need does not seem intuitive.



Yes Yes Yes!


That's exactly what I mean... it's brutally annoying... why isn't something like that filtered?

Such a function can be easily implemented / programmed....

I do not understand it! For a music provider as big as Spotify, that shouldn't be a problem!

A baby setting that can be programmed in no time... but probably too incompetent?!


There are model specific actions to take to exclude files on your phone from being included in the local files.

On Android you can place ".nomedia" files in folders with audio files that you don't want media players to discover.
And in the Spotify app for Android you can specify an exact folder for the app to add music from, thus excluding audiofiles elsewhere. Though this requires you to manage local files on your phone manually.


Thank you very much jpemelin - yes right. .nomedia hides the files. But where can I find the folder that Spotify accesses? I manage my music manually myself.


If I'm not mistaken it reads ALL media folders on your device, downloads, music, ringtones etc, unless they have a .nomedia file in it.

You have some limited options to chose where in the desktop app. But it seems I spoke hastily about making a special folder for files on mobile devices. It only reads all available media, period if activated.


Thank you mate for your help and useful suggestion.


Oh okay, I understand. I would have to put a .nomedia file in every media folder except for the folder where I have my offline songs. That would be an option, but then I might have problems in other apps that access other media files.


I think we'll have to wait, even if it's another 12 years, until Spotify finally manages to add a small feature where you can select your own media folder in the app and it only reads THIS one. It's also possible with the "PlayerPro" app, so why not here? Sad from Spotify, very very sad. The main thing is that they can all drive their Lambos.