Announce song before or after it plays

I'm regularly checking to see "Who is this song by again?" or "What album is this from?" etc.


Would love to have some kind of feature where I can check a box to hear Artist/Song/Album read to me before or after the song plays.




Update: This idea has been submitted again here:


Hi there!


This idea has been submitted more than one year ago but unfortunately hasn’t gained enough kudos during that time (25 kudos/year). In order to keep an overview of the active
ideas in this forum, this idea will be closed for now. Note that this does not mean the idea has been declined by Spotify.


Please feel free to re-post this idea if you still feel you want this implemented. With a little change in presentation, maybe this time it will gain the necessary support from the


Is there a way to get it to stop announcing the Artist/Song/Album or to change when it does?

There is an app available that announces the songs played from within the iPhones music app. It would be great if this was a feature of spotify. Very useful when I'm driving.
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If this feature is implemented, I would want a setting/option to turn this feature off. Most of us can see what song is playling just by looking at the Spotify application. I could see how some people would like this feature though.

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Yes Please! 


Spotify developers please get on this! 


Mine does this and I don't know how it started but now it does my head in - anyone know how to stop it?


yes please... would love to be enable to customize this feature to have it speak just the artist name, or the artist name and track title.  also choose whether it does it before or after a song.


I have this funny voice telling me the track name and the artist.... It is really annoying.


How is it turned off?


Well, for me its the other way around.., how is it turned on?

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Is this being considered for a future version of Spotify? Could we get some input from a Spotify employee/developer?


Has anyone found a solution to enable this on Android or PC?


I'm still very interested in this feature.

Still want it to be a check box option to turn off or on and another check box to have the announcement before/after/both.

Would NEVER want it as an Always ON feature.

Would also LOVE to hear from a Spotify Employee/developer about it's development(or not)!