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App Idea: Ultimate-Guitar

Status: Case Closed
by jolsten on ‎2012-03-28 07:10 AM

There must be quite a few music enthusiasts using Spotify who are also playing some instrument. So what about an app that enables easy use of together with Spotify? For example I play bass and often learn new songs by playing along with them. Now my practicing is often confusing since I have to find the song on Spotify/Youtube, then go search for the tab/chords, then start the song, then change to the tab again. A Spotify app would make this so much more convenient.


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Status: Case Closed


Hey everyone! We're marking this as "Case Closed" as we've expanded on the future of Apps in Spotify right here. Thanks for your continued feedback though and please keep coming to the Ideas Board with your comments. 

by David
on ‎2012-03-28 07:27 AM

Sort of like a guitar chord / tab version of TuneWiki? Interesting. If anyone from is reading, I'm just going to leave this link here

by gineric1
on ‎2012-04-15 08:34 PM

Was just looking for something like that today.

by tims
on ‎2012-04-22 09:01 PM

thats a great idea, i hope that it will be developed 

by rokyoursoks
on ‎2012-05-22 11:08 PM
Second. How hard is developing something like this without any prior app development/programming experience? Could you just use the tabs on UG or do they have the rights to those tabs?
by Nac
on ‎2012-06-19 04:21 PM

TuneGuitar Chords would be great!!

by meb
on ‎2012-07-09 03:31 AM

Fantastic idea! I'd love to see something like this!

by rokyoursoks
on ‎2012-07-14 08:34 AM

Is there any way to push this ahead in the forums? This is easily one of the best app ideas out there

by danielvalenciam
on ‎2012-07-28 06:20 PM

Lets make that app happen! I am a keyboard player and I have to learn a bunch of new songs and it would be great to listen to the songs on spotify while I see the chords!

by joepie_
on ‎2012-08-19 10:20 PM

I'll suggest it as a project to be build by student developers. Songsterr has a public API which can be used to extract chords (just match the pre-tag and you're done). 

by zacree
on ‎2012-09-03 09:46 PM

I was just about to post an idea about this. I'd love this too much. Needs to happen. 

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