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So yeah, this just hit me. Couldn't find anything like this in the community here..


We have this cool App finder with amazing apps on Spotify for desktop right now. It would be even more amazing if these apps could be used on your mobile device too! Right now, I use the apps for easy listening, just start up Soundrop, click the genre you want and there you go, awesome work.

What about a lonely ride by bus or subway? I feel like listening to some Lounge tracks, but I don't know any artist or do not want to listen to the same album when I do a search for 'Lounge'. Just fire up Soundrop on your mobile device and there you go, your lonely ride just became extremely enjoyable! Thank you Spotify&Soundrop!


Best way to integrate this is with your account too. Just make the apps you have sync with your account. Want a new app? Search it on the desktop, see if you like it, end *ding*, use it on your mobile device!


Hey everyone! We're marking this as "Case Closed" as we've expanded on the future of Apps in Spotify right here. Thanks for your continued feedback though and please keep coming to the Ideas Board with your comments. 


The apps should be ported to Spotify mobile. At least Soundrop, heh.

Yeah this will make Spotify the best music streaming provider in germany! There are a lot of other providers but this feature, to have mood-apps, genre-apps...apps from musiclovers for musiclovers...this feature is the reason why myself and I think a lot of other people have choosen spotify! Pls give the mobile apps the same features like the desktop version or publish more apps like metafy!

i sincerely hope they have considered this already. It just doesn t make sense to not take this opportunity. Smartphones are as fast as computers nowadays so it just a logic thing to have the same options as on desktop computers.

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I think Apps will arrive together with the iPad app, I think it's the explaination of why it took so long time for the iPad app to arrive. The reason to not have apps on mobile is that music discovery on mobile isn't good since people has boundaries of how much content they can download.

Well, I don't think it is necessary to store that much data on your device. The desktop apps do a lot via internet. Almost nothing of the app is stored locally. Everything is loaded from online. You can make a light (mobile) version of your app without to much images et cetera to make it load more quick. And the music streaming will be the same as it is right now when streaming music. Or am I missing something?
Excellent idea.
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Soundrop is already on iOS and (I believe anyway) on android as a free seperate app.


Yes, Soundrop is. And so is Digster. I just took it as an example.

But what about all the other apps like Tweetvine, We Are Hunted and Filtr?


Besides the fact that it would please a lot of Spotify users to have these in Spotify I think you'll reach a far broader audience when integrating in Spotify than using a standalone app. I bet a lot of people had never heard about Digster, Soundrop or Filtr before they appeared in Spotify.


Apps on Spotify mobile would be cool. 🙂


Looking at the current apps, I think most of them would not display too well on a phone. There is the size of the screen to consider and also the fact that the phone would be mostly likely held in portrait orientation. As the apps are basically local web pages displayed in Spotify, all the same issues seen with mobile versions of websites would apply.

However, I agree that apps would be an ideal feature for the iPad version of Spotify when it is released. The larger screen should allow the apps to displayed with minimal adjustment. It is still possible that the iPad could be held in portrait orientation, but this could be worked around, such as by having apps display only in landscape.