[Artist Page] Filter on Album / Artist Pages

Status: Case Closed

In the latest version you can no longer search an artist's page for a specific album or song using ctrl-f. Please bring this functionallity back.

Updated on 2020-07-06

Thanks for adding your comments and votes to this idea.
This idea has been 'not right now' for 2+ years. We're marking this as 'closed' as we don't currently have any plans to implement this. If anything changes, we'll check back in.


Still no explanation why it was removed. Was it a mistake? Was it intentional?


It's really irritating to have to ask for basic functionality that has been removed by creating an idea and having people vote on it, especially when we don't even know the reason why it was removed.


If it was removed because of some technical limitation that you're not telling us about then this idea might be a complete waste of time since it's never coming back.


More communication, more information, more transparency, more honesty. That's what we need!


please, bring it back!!!!!!!


I concur.  Bring it back. 


I agree. Bring it back ! 


Never thought i needed this function so much until it disappeared. Please bring it back!


I know this has already been validated, but I'm just putting in my two cents. Please bring it back, this was one of my favorite  things about Spotify and COMPLETELY adds to the ease-of-use. 




I find it absurd that we have to vote to get this back.


Is Spotify seriously going to leave their desktop client without any way of searching within long album or artist search results, if there aren't enough kudos points posted here?


If the answer to that question is no, then this whole process is just a huge charade. Spotify should just come clean, say that it's a mistake that it got removed and that it will be coming back as soon as possible.


I'm not voting on the absurd question of whether the desktop client should have this function or not. It quite obviously needs it and so the question is redundant and I don't understand what we are being asked to vote for.


Got to agree


PLEASE bring it back


I didn't realize how often I used ctl-F until it stopped working. I hate the new update to Spotify for several reasons, but this is one of the biggest.


created a spotify username to +1 this. String matching functionality sould be available on all pages, just like any web brower for the last 8 years.

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