[Artist Page] Filter on Album / Artist Pages

In the latest version you can no longer search an artist's page for a specific album or song using ctrl-f. Please bring this functionallity back.

Updated on 2020-07-06

Thanks for adding your comments and votes to this idea.
This idea has been 'not right now' for 2+ years. We're marking this as 'closed' as we don't currently have any plans to implement this. If anything changes, we'll check back in.


I think it's incredibly stupid that we have to vote to get this back. It's a basic function that mysteriously went missing, of course we want it back!


Please bring the ctrl f search function back!

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Status changed to: Watch this space


Hello folks!


We're happy to let you know that we're aware of this feature's popularity and we plan to add this back. The feature needs some improvements but we know how much you enjoy using the filter. Please subscribe to this thread so we can alert you once we've implemented the filter on the new artist page. Thank you so much for the feedback.

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On a roll today! Looking forward to having this back! 😄



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Are you sure this has enough kudos points to bring it back? Not even 100 kudos. 😉


On a less sarcastic note, getting Spotify to admit they made a mistake is like getting blood out of a stone. If you had simply said "sorry we made a mistake removing this feature but we'll bring it back soon in an update" everyone would have been happier and we wouldn't have needed to go through this charade of voting for this and other features that were obviously removed in error. As it stands you still haven't given any reason why the feature was removed or admitted that it was simply a mistake.


I hope you learn from this fiasco, and communicate more clearly with your customers in the future when you plan on making changes or removing features.


Not sure how this can be improved from how it was before you pulled it out, but it worries me you're only mentioning the 'new artist page'. I really hope you re-add this feature to any page with songs on it (read: playlists, local files, library..). Play Queue/History is a place where I've always missed it.


This is weird, I went here to check if it's truly missing or not since it never appeard since updating this morning. Now it suddenly appeard again. Using


Alright, did some testing. Seems it doesn't work (can't typ anything in) when you do Ctrl-F in a regular playlist. But if you go to Starred and Ctrl-F, you can type stuff in and it begins to work on regular playlists again. Restarted and it works from scratch, no tricks involved. Seems a tad buggy.


LOL just saw updated Spotify and saw this **bleep**.

Are these guys serious? This is a downgrade, not an upgrade. HUGE FAIL.

And why is the background white?! Facepalm.


You've got me going to youtube for songs again! When artists have a lot of albums and songs, it's impossible to find a song without this feature. 

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This is core functionality guys. This is how I find remixes for a particular track name under an artists. This is like google reader for my RSS feeds!

When I saw the 0.8.8 update I thought it was a joke. The client was all bloated (+200 MB of memory in Windows version!), all white, in short, pure **bleep**. But when I tried to make a search and saw the ctrl+f combination doesn't work, I began to think about what an incredible app Spotify was in the past and the total mess it has evolved. Please, bring us back the good old version!