Artist page: Show all songs in a list (Mobile)

Once you select an artist, you should be able to see all of the artist's songs, not just the popular songs. Sometimes you are looking for a song but don't remember it's name until you see it, and it take to much time to browse it albumwise, specially if you are not really a fan and you are looking for just this song.


Divde the artist's front page into: songs, albums, related artists, bio, singles, etc... 


The song section is sorted by popularity, as is now, but add a button on the bottom that says "See All Songs >" like in the the album section

Updated: 2016-02-02

Update: This idea has been submitted again here:


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Hi, thanks for the post. It is actually possible to view all songs by an artist on the desktop by clicking the list view towards the top right of the albums section; however, I'm going to mark this as a new idea since this would involve showing all songs in one list on all platforms, presumably sorted by track or popularity instead of album. I'll also modify the title slightly to make it easier to find in search.


This is really important, i want to be able to view all songs of an artist in a list ON MY MOBILE, some artists have loads of albums and it can be a pain to find the right song.

This would be a great feature for mobile platforms. I rarely, if ever, use spotify on my computer. Seems like a no-brainer to make this an option.
Has there been a fix to this request yet? It doesn't make any sense how I cannot "see all songs" from an artist on the mobile app. Should be a simple fix.
It is kind of sad that there are lots of posts over the last few years about this when I Google search for this. Why hasn't this been implemented on mobile when it is available on the desktop version?



This is very frustrating, could you do something for this, please! Few years back it was possible to see all of the artist's songs sorted by popularity. This annoyed me so much today that I had to open my mouth here...


Am I the only one here who thinks that Spotify's mobile updates makes the app worse and worse every time?


Appreciate the simplicity - avoid unnecessary gimmicks and clicks...





+1 for this feature on the Android mobile app


I am an avid spotify user (Both PC and Mobile), and have been for quite some time. Not having a "see all songs"-button while on an artist page makes no sense what so ever. I'm not sure why you dont add it, people are obviously complaning about it, and I see no logic in forcing users to go through all albums to find a song that is not on "the top 5". 

Please provide the option or a resonable explanation as to why you dont want users to see all songs by an artist in an easy way?


I pay for 4 accounts. Spotify satisfies us pretty fine. I need this function. In the end of the year I will move these accounts to GooglePlay unless it's fixed in Spotify.
Go to search. Entire entire name of artist. Instead of clicking on the artists name right below "top result" look below that where it says "songs" and you will see a full list of songs by that artist when you click "see all songs"