Artist user accounts

This idea is about something called 'artist' accounts of Spotify. it's spotify accounts that are connected to a particular artist profile. 


I believe this will be next big change for Spotify after the apps. I think the artist section should need something like iTunes ping, this would make Spotify a killer app. Artists should get more controls in the artists section, for example be able to bind their Spotify account to their bands profile, and get priviligues to customize their own artist page in their own way. They should be able claim their artists name by a form, and if approved their band will be associated to the user profile, and like developer, it will get additional benefits over 'regular' users, like the feature I will tell you below. 


1. Artist embassadors

I also suggest a feature called 'Artist embassadors'. This feature would allow artists to select a group of other Spotify users who will be 'artist embassadors' for their band. As a artist embassador, it should be similar to the 'founder' role at the community, they get access to prereleases, downloads but also encourage to share their music on various places and also get some free stuff in exchange but also even some part of the income (if possible legally). The ambassador is a spotify account associated to the band as a 'embassador' and will work close with the artists. Embassadors could also gain rewards of featuring the artist content by several means.


2. Spotify Spot

This is a feature that will allow artists to hand out notifications to the user by their artist profile. On their artist profile, the artists could have a feed where they interact with their fans. Off course, a artist could have 1, 000 000 fans if they're quite popular, but the feeds could be shown on the start page.´

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I already created a fan page for my artist, dr_sounds. Subscribe to the playlist to be a 'fan'! Simple and useful!

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Mark this as implemented how I donthis?

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it's implemented? then where is the form? :D

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