Automatically add local Files to Your Music

I switched to Spotify because it let me import my local files. With "Your Music" this has the potential to get even better.


Spotify would be amazing if it scanned your local files and added those songs, albums, and artists to the Songs, Albums, and Artists sections in My Music automatically.


Even better, my local files are not exactly local, they're stored on an external drive, and I've love to have Spotify be able to switch to a Spotify version if the local version is not available (i.e. when I'm not connected to the drive) or it's just taking a long time to load.

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Updated on 2018-06-16


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Amen. I'd love the ability for Your Music to do a scan and match, just like Rdio does.

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Marked as new idea and changed the title's "My Music" into "Your Music", so people can find it faster via search. 😉


This idea requests that Spotify automatically adds all local tracks to "Your Music".


Just want to add my support to this idea, without local files being integrated the Your Music function is pointless for me.

I agree with jaytee00. Without the ability to add my own music into this spotify function, it may as well not exist - I'll stick with my starred playlist and other playlists for now.

please give us back the library button or something akin..

i use spotify at work every day and every morning i have to go through the process of adding each play list i have,

to the songs as it doesnt save what i had before only the first play list,

the library option used to let me click and forget and it would play all the music i had in spotify including local files..

i can no longer add local files to the song section if they are not available on spotify..

the new interface looks nice but as far as useability it feels like a step back and has become anoying. 


hope you actually listen and fix this 



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200% endorse this.  INCLUDE LOCAL FILES IN YOUR MUSIC.   Please.  Soon.  It is a big  huge reduction in functionality from the starred music system.  thank you.


The new Spotify is probably the worst update of any app/service I've ever seen. And I usually like changes, but not when they take off useful things (stars to add to favorites) and add stupid ones (my files not being able to import local files).

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Yes. This is essential. I want to be able to shuffle all of my music in one place, including local files.


I concur, this is a very basic feature. I would drop spotify so fast for Google Music if Google's playlist features weren't so crippled. Spotify does social integration perfectly, but I want to unify my library once and for all.


Please spotify devs.

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Congratulations on reaching 100 kudos. You rock, and obviously, so does this idea.
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